The moment you open your eyes in the morning you have the chance to set yourself up to have a fabulous day.

Great Habits to Add to Your Morning Routine to Make Life Better All Day Long

The moment you open your eyes in the morning you have the chance to set yourself up to have a fabulous day. The little things you do, or don’t do, have an impact on your mood, your feelings of being in control, and on how you will feel when you return home later. If you want to empower your days, then consider adding a few or all of these habits into your morning routine.

· Wake up with a better method. There is no way you are starting off your day right if you are waking up to a frightening, blaring buzzer that pulls you like a rip cord out of sleep. Research has shown that there are better methods to waking up and starting your day. There are alarms on the market, as well as apps, which allow you to wake up gently by sounds, music, and/or lights turning on in your bedroom. When you consider how important a good morning is to you having a successful day, and how often you would use such a device or app, then the investment is well worth it.

· Have a great place to put your feet when you get out of bed. This is where you splurge and push aside style. Buy a thick soft bedside rug even if it doesn’t match your décor and if it makes you happy to slip your feet into plushy bunny slippers, then so be it. Give yourself something a little special and pampering when your feet first hit the floor.

· Make your bed. Do it immediately after you exit it. It’s done, it’s off the list. No reason to leave it for later.

· Put on a playlist full of throwback music that makes you feel good or replay a podcast of a favorite inspirational speaker. Have something that will lift your mood and make you feel great playing in the background while you get ready for work. Ditch the morning news.

· Exercise or do yoga. You don’t have to break out into a full-on sweat. Start out with a 10 minute routine of stretching or a quick walk on a treadmill. Do what you enjoy and do it for at least 10 minutes. You will feel so much better, feel disciplined, and feel ready for the day. You will likely find yourself looking forward to the exercise and extending it by a few minutes more each week.

· Drink 16 ounces of water before you leave your home. Don’t run to the kitchen for your first cup of coffee before you give yourself life important water. It will wake you up and get your body started and ready for all it has to do in the next 16 hours.

· Have your clothes ready the night before, your breakfast decided upon, your lunch made, and the things you will need to take with you ready at the door, and do anything else you can prepare the night before so that you don’t have to make decisions while preparing to leave home. The more simple decisions you can save yourself from making in the morning the more effort you can put toward creative ideas and positive thoughts for the day that will add value and perhaps even monetary rewards to your life.

· Get in the habit of making your own morning smoothie or coffee that you normally take to work. Skipping the stress and chaos to be found at morning food and drink retail spots is a gift to yourself. If you like iced coffee, then make yours the night before and have it waiting for you in the fridge to grab and go. There are plenty of items to be found on the supermarket shelves, even from your favorite coffee stops, that are convenient, easy to make or open, and they cost less — both in terms of money, time, and stress.

· Review your plan for the day, and the plan you have in place to help you achieve your major goals. This will help you maintain focus throughout the rest of the day.

· When you arrive at work be your happiest, best, most cordial and positive self. No one wants to hear all of the things that went wrong for you in trying to get out of the door at home, or about the person that gestured obscenely to you in traffic, or about any other major, negative, hard task that struck you during the morning. Not only is it not good for your co-workers to hear negative filled rhetoric when you walk through the door, but neither do you. If you fill everyone in on how hard and difficult the morning was for you, then you are replaying negative events and reliving them once more. Instead, concentrate on the good, the positive, the value filled moments of your morning. It sets you up for a successful, lower stress day, and it makes you a good example for others to follow to make your workplace a better and more productive environment.

· Get started right away when you get to work on your tasks for the day. Procrastinating at the start of the day has negative impacts on your productivity and success. Make a habit of getting started right away upon arriving at work.

Your morning tasks shouldn’t be trivial things you move through to finally get to the start of your day. Your day starts from the moment you open your eyes. From waking up to starting your job’s responsibilities, each small or big task in-between is setting you up to have a day in which struggle through or one in which you soar. Your morning habits matter and they count. Make them count toward your success. Make it happen.

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