Sometimes it’s hard to keep a strong and positive mindset, so here are reminders to keep you focused throughout the week and set you up for success.

Here is Your Plan to Have the Right Mindset for Each Day of the Work Week

No matter how much we know it, no matter how many studies we read backing up the science surrounding it, sometimes it is just hard to muster up the right mindset and be positive to face the week ahead. We just can’t shrug off the enveloping doom and dread that has overtaken our brains and emotions to even consider a reset so that we can adapt a new outlook. The reason is that when we are overwhelmed, worried, and burdened we don’t have the energy to analyze whether we ARE in the right mindset. Instead we just put one foot in front of the other and repeat until the day is done.

Perhaps if we had a mantra of sorts, a statement or quote to review before we set out for the day we could start it off at least being aware of the fact we need to find an opportunity to reboot to make the day productive.

Rather than waste a day that could be spent on progress and moving forward, or miss out on opportunities easily overlooked without the right perspective, here are daily reminders you can put on a post-it note and hang up on your mirror, put on the back of your car’s sun-visor, send yourself in an email, or somewhere that you can be reminded to keep pushing yourself to make the most of the day rather than drudge through it. Simply print this out and read it before you start your day.

Monday: Monday is a new beginning. If you make the most of today you are setting yourself up for success. Plan something special to do in the evening so that you have something to look forward to during the day to keep you motivated. Tackle the things on your to do list and responsibility list that you dread the most, are the hardest, or the least favorite so they are accomplished and you don’t have to face the thought of having to do them all week long.

Monday reboot: What I do today will mold my entire week, so today I will be strong, motivated, and tackle the most difficult of my responsibilities with the mindset of “I get to do this or that today, not I have to do this or that.”

Tuesday: Tuesday is definitely an opportunity to catch up and get ahead. If you treat Tuesday as if you are at the end of a week and have to accomplish as much as possible then you will certainly be sitting in a great spot on Wednesday. Again, it is what you do today that will determine your level of success for tomorrow. Attack your responsibilities and tasks as if you are on a strict deadline.

Tuesday reboot: What I do today shows that I am a self-motivated achiever. I can do more than expected. “I am aware that my action impacts my future, so today I am all about energy, focus, and the level of action to succeed.”

Wednesday: Wednesday is about review and preparation to set yourself up to succeed. It is the day to review your goals, plans, and map out your strategy to be successful. You should plan out the next week and the next month. You should be putting notes and tips into next year’s calendar to remind yourself to start early for routine tasks and events. You should be arranging next week’s tasks so that you face the hardest and least favorite tasks at the beginning of the week. Use Wednesday as a goal planning and review day.

Wednesday reboot: This is the day I determine my future. I will map out the steps to accomplish my goals so that I propel myself forward. “This day is the day I focus on my future and give my time and energy to putting a roadmap into my hand that I can follow and make things happen.”

Thursday: Thursday is the day to finish up all of the tasks you have for the week and to take action toward your reviewed and renewed plan from Wednesday. This day, more than any other, is the day you can boost yourself forward. It’s almost like a bonus day. Take advantage of the opportunities to do more.

Thursday reboot: I have a clear picture of my future and how to create the life I want, so it is just a matter of doing more and staying focused on being progressive and productive. “I am disciplined, focused, and determined to make smart choices, put my energy toward my goals, and propel my life forward.”

Friday: Friday is the day when most people pass on opportunities. While your co-workers are winding down you can stand out by not only keeping your momentum going, but by setting yourself up to have a productive and progressive Monday. If you are an entrepreneur, then you can outdo the competition on this day by motivating yourself and your staff to prepare for the opportunity of another progressive week. Tidy up your work area, organize your spaces, clean out files, confirm meetings, clean out your email inbox, and do all the maintenance that usually is pushed aside. This is your day to do more, not less. By doing more you establish that you are focused, empowered, and determined to move forward in all your endeavors.

Friday reboot: Because of what I do today I will be setting myself up for success on Monday. I will know I am prepared. I will be aware of the responsibilities and tasks ahead of me. I will have assured my success for the moment I walk in the door next week. Because of what I have done today, I will be able to relax and leave work behind me and focus on my personal life and goals during the break ahead of me. “I will do more today to prepare for the next week and to set myself up for success.”

Saturday and Sunday should be met with the same enthusiasm and determination to do more. Experience more. Laugh more. Love more. Push toward greater health with exercise and good food choices. Share your time more with those you love, including your pets. Give more to those less fortunate. Fill your heart with more gratitude.

Live focused. Create the life you want. Be awesome and be happy. Make it happen and have a productive week, every week.

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