Probably the most important thing you must do is keep your goal or goals front and center in your life.

How to Increase the Odds of Reaching Your Goals

If you have dreams in your heart that you want to see come to pass then you can’t simply sit around and wait for them to happen. While wishing on a star is a wonderful thought, it does take more than that to make a dream come true. You must do your part and it is important that you look upon the journey as vital as the goal. The journey will prepare you and equip you to be a good steward of the rewards that come with the effort.

Probably the most important thing you must do is keep your goal or goals front and center in your life. Visualizing the goal realized and in place will keep you motivated and inspired to do the hard work to make it happen.

Some people prepare vision boards. Some people meditate. While those and other forms of visualizing your goal are helpful, none has proven to be more helpful than journaling. Through journaling you can record your current outlook on the toll of the journey, remind yourself of the outcome if you continue on, and update yourself as to how you are progressing. It allows both visualization as well as reflection.

Journaling is much more than the “Dear Diary” events of childhood. When you journal it isn’t necessarily an end of day round up. Instead, it is a process that can be done in the morning to motivate you, in the middle of the day when you have a breakthrough, or in the evening when you want to stay focused and revisit your plan.

Pick up your pen whenever the mood strikes you. Read back to understand where you have come from and remind yourself of the efforts that gave you the biggest boost forward or what held you back.

A journal entry can be pages of writing, or a sentence, a sketch, an article folded and taped to the page, a picture, an inspirational quote, notes from an inspiring speech or sermon, or simply a list of your next steps in your plan.

Journaling has been proven to be a habit that helps people succeed. Some of the most successful people have spoken of their fondness for journaling and given it much credit for keeping them focused on their goals and for assisting in reaching them. Oprah Winfrey, Mary Kay, John D. Rockefeller, George Patton, Winston Churchill, Ben Franklin and others have attested to the habit of journaling as the one thing they believe should be adopted by those wanting to reach their loftiest goals.

Journaling requires skills and habits that will be useful to you along your journey toward reaching your goals. It requires discipline, focus, commitment, and it teaches you to think through situations and find solutions.

While there are many articles and even books on how to properly keep a journal, I believe that practice will allow you to form a unique process that assists you the best, but don’t be afraid to consult the experts’ writings. However, I would caution that you research the instructions of many that call themselves journaling experts to get a good overview of what they believe is the best process and then form your own way, much the same as you must form your own path to your goals.

Journaling is perhaps one of the very best habits, practices, and committed behaviors that you can take on that will make a big difference in getting you to your goals.

Whether you start with a pencil and a spiral notebook or a pen and bound booklet made specifically for journaling, it doesn’t matter. It is what you put upon the pages that matter. It is the process of journaling and what is gained from it that is valuable, not the vessel that holds the thoughts and ideas.

Start journaling and join the successful elite that stayed committed and disciplined to the habit. If so many astounding and successful people attest to it, then why not give it a try? Make it happen.

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