Is there truly a way to find out if you are meeting the expectations of your customers to the point of gaining their loyalty and their offering referrals to others?

How to Know for Sure that Your Customers Are Happy

Are you making your customers happy? Are they happy enough with your service or product to recommend you to others? If not, then you are missing out on a big opportunity.

Is there truly a way to find out if you are meeting the expectations of your customers to the point of gaining their loyalty and their offering referrals to others?

Yes, there is, and that is to ask them and leave them with the sense that you are always willing to do more.

Do you recall the last time you visited a business or made a customer service call to a business and someone asked you, “Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

Not only were they seeking to make sure you were satisfied, but they wanted to leave you with the impression that they had fulfilled your expectations. After all, if you didn’t tell them there was more that you needed of them, then it isn’t their fault.

The purpose of asking such a question of your customer can serve you with more than simply finding out if they are satisfied, because it may alert you to a missed opportunity to do more. Perhaps such a service mentioned by a customer should be a part of your offerings and your marketing efforts. Or, it may let you know where you aren’t doing as well as you thought and in that case changes can quickly be made to put you on a level with your competition. Why not do more and exceed your competition? There again, by asking your customers face to face if they need anything more you will know.

If asking your customer if they need anything more from you makes you feel uncomfortable, then I encourage you to do it anyway. If it makes you nervous, then maybe deep down you are afraid they may truly be leaving you underserved and unsatisfied with your business. Come out of your comfort zone and push yourself to ask and you will find out a lot about your business that you would not know otherwise. It’s important your customers are happy, and not just happy, but happy enough to refer you to others.

I do have one major piece of advice and that is to be sincere when you ask that all important question. Look your customer in the eye and ask them if they need anything else, if they need something more, if they have any questions, did they find everything they were looking for, or if they enjoyed their meal. Ask them as if you truly want to make sure their expectations were meant, because you do, right? Otherwise, you may leave them feeling cheated at the end no matter what the experience was previously if you aren’t sincere when you ask them.

The last person to see your customer needs to be well trained. They need to be caring, invested in the customer’s satisfaction, and be professional. They need to know how to leave a good final impression and how to properly ask the question you want to know — “Is there anything else we can do for you before you leave?”

Then when they get the answer, well, they need to know how to respond. Give them the power to make the customer happy with little to no delay. If there was a problem, the customer should be assured management will be informed and then they should be contacted as soon as possible. The sooner the problem can be addressed and remedied the better chance you have of saving that customer relationship.

If the answer is that the customer is satisfied and expectations have been met, then by all means express your delight and let them know that was your intention all along. This small step, often overlooked, is a game changer, don’t skip it.

Take care of the customer in front of you and you will be creating customers that create customers, read more here: Creating Customers to Create Customers.

Making sure you leave your customer with a good final impression takes a small effort and offers great returns. Put it into your business process as soon as possible and if you already do this task, then make sure the people asking the question are doing so properly and responding appropriately.

If you don’t see your customer face to face, such as could be the case if you have an online retail business, there are still ways to make sure your customer is satisfied. Work a screen into the checkout process and ask them if they found all they needed on your site and offer a search area if they remember something. It could produce another sale. You could also follow up every retail sale with a thank you email informing them of package delivery tracking information with the all-important question very visible and obvious, “Is there anything more we can do for you?” Then make sure you follow up quickly.

You need happy customers and the best way to make sure they are satisfied with your product, service, or business is to ask them. It truly is that simple and it is where small businesses can excel. Large businesses need to learn to be small at that moment and do what they can to give personal attention.

You worked hard for that customer. You’ve spent time and money to bring them to you. Don’t you want to know if they are happy? Go ahead, ask them.