To reach your career dreams take the right path, don’t defer from it, reach out to those that have knowledge to share, and work hard.

How to Know You are Headed in the Right Direction to Reach Your Career Dreams

You are determined to reach your dreams. Perhaps you have always had a particular vision for your future. So, you did some research, found the right school courses, the perfect post school training, and are still pursuing that vision, but haven’t quite gotten to where you want to be. Maybe you know what you want, but you just don’t know how to get the right experience to get your foot in the door.

It takes more than just walking the walk and talking the talk to get the career you want. Most fields are more competitive than at any other time in history. Tech jobs abound, but there are advancements occurring that can make your classroom training archaic by the time you apply for a job. It’s going to be up to you to take steps to make sure you carve yourself into the employee, the entrepreneur, or the clever startup leader that will be hired, funded, and supported.

There are five main steps you can take to make sure you are heading in the right direction and to make sure you get to where you want to be with the fewest detours possible.

1. Seek out a mentor. Learn how to write a professional letter to request mentorship. Have someone check your spelling and grammar — don’t depend on a word processor for such an important step. Follow up on your request. Present yourself online and through correspondence as a hard-working, determined, and committed individual worthy of someone’s time. Be gracious and thank them for any and all information offered. If someone does offer to mentor you, then don’t waste their time, be courteous of their attention, and follow through on all assignments. Ask for feedback and be open to criticism.

2. Join a trade organization or group in your local area, a regional one, and a national one that includes those already in your chosen career field. Learn to work alongside your future peers without feeling or behaving competitively. Seek their guidance. Request their help even if it will be years down the line. Make connections. Network with as many people as possible. You never know if the entry level employee will become the leader in the years ahead that will take a chance on you right when you need them to do so.

3. Be patient. Trying to get somewhere fast could cause you to make a misstep. You need to learn what you need to learn, you need to gain the skills that will be vital to your success, and you need to gain experience so that you can take on the responsibilities that will put you in the midst of your dream.

4. Work hard. Stay focused. Don’t let the immediate rewards of today keep you from experiencing the greater rewards awaiting you tomorrow.

5. Make a plan and follow it. Define the steps it will take to reach your goals. Keep it visible and near you at all times so you stay focused. Make a countdown of the time period of the first phase and keep on track and then move on to the next phase.

Dreams can come true. Goals can be reached. It comes down to one specific thing and that is your heart. If you have heart and truly want something then it can be yours. Just take the right path, don’t defer from it, reach out to those that have knowledge to share, and work hard. It’s yours for the taking.