The next time you meet a woman that tells you she is currently in or was in a sorority, befriend her, hire her, put her on your team. She’s likely one strong and empowered leadership oriented woman.

I’m Proud to be a Delta Sigma Theta and am Grateful for the Opportunities for Leadership

It rarely fails that when someone thinks of a sorority they quickly bring to mind the typical stereotype of a dingy female that spends a lot of time having pillow fights. There are those that relate sorority membership to buying friends. However, my experience was much different than the stereotype displays and I believe mine was a typical experience.

What you have within a college chapter of a national sorority is a group of young women that are required to step into a leadership role quickly. They must carry on and upkeep the decades of hard work and dedication by those that came before them. Today my sorority Delta Sigma Theta celebrated Founder’s Day and we are celebrating 103 years. Yes, 103 years.

Young college women are charged with managing a tightly run financial, social, and philanthropic organization that has many lofty annual goals for the active members of the local chapter, the alumni, the national organization, the college community, the local community, and both local and national philanthropies. That’s a big responsibility for young college women that are also busy within their school activities and enjoying social events of college life. Yet, balance is learned and priorities are taught through involvement and leadership roles.

There are a plethora of leadership opportunities. Women of all sorts of interests and backgrounds come together and work as one for the betterment of others. The skills and experiences are exceptional for each young woman’s future.

After graduation we hand over the reins to new women with fresh ideas and new visions. Yet, our involvement doesn’t end with graduation. My sorority, as do most others, encourages us to continue giving and contributing of ourselves to the betterment of others. We go into our own communities and remain strongly tied and involved with one another. We have lifetime friendships that weren’t bought, but built through putting aside our individual needs and working for goals that would benefit us all. We gained experience, skills, knowledge, and hands on leadership opportunities that we put to use in our careers and our lives.

Delta Sigma Theta offered me, as a young college woman, opportunities that I was deeply shaped by and I believe my commitment to excellence was built through those experiences. I am proud of and grateful for the women that were striving beside me throughout my collegiate years and held me to high expectations.

For me, being a part of the Greek community, being a sorority member, and most especially being a Delta Sigma Theta was an honor of which I will always be grateful.

Happy Founders Day, my Sorors!

And might I add, the next time you meet a woman that tells you she is currently in or was in a sorority, befriend her, hire her, put her on your team. She’s likely one strong and empowered woman. Make it happen.

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