Friends are essential to happiness according to experts.

Learn to Let Friends be There for You when It Matters Most

Friends are essential to happiness according to experts. They give us an outlet to try out ideas, they encourage us, they support us during difficult times, and most importantly they are companions throughout our everyday days.

Experts also say that physically present friends are true friends. It doesn’t mean that we have to see them all the time. They do however insist the friendships that develop face to face are the ones that will be the most important to your life.

It’s important to learn to be a good friend and even more important to learn how to let friends be friends.

Everyone needs to develop good friendship skills that are selfless, loyal, confidential, and encouraging. For the people we care for and love those attributes come easy. What doesn’t come easy is being vulnerable. We may share part of what is really burdening us, but we don’t want to open up completely. It’s easier to be a friend and harder to depend on one.

I can’t fully count the number of times I have felt something was wrong with a friend and when questioned they answered “Fine. Everything is fine.” I’ve had my “fine” moments as well.

The world is fast, we live busy lives, and we have learned to handle things, heavy things on our own. If we mentioned every hard thing that happened throughout the day we would sound like we were whining. Yet, there are things we need to share. There are times when we need to lean. There are times when we shouldn’t bear the weight alone. Even times when we should shift the weight so we can learn to stand tall again before taking the weight back.

Friends are important. If you have a friend, then let them know you love them. Nurture the relationship and for no reason whatsoever go to lunch, send a card, leave a message on their voice mail and make them smile.

If you have lost touch with an old friend, reconnect.

If you have drifted apart then pull them back to you.

If you have fought, forgive.

If you don’t have a friend that is someone you can count on then be that friend to someone else. Go out and involve yourself in groups that will allow you to meet people and make new friends.

Most importantly let your friend be a friend to you. When you do, you aren’t just taking. In many ways you are giving back to them by letting them know they are needed, that they are trusted, and that they are loved enough for you to have turned to them. They will know someday they can count on you just as much if they ever need to do so.

Friendships are important, so say experts, and I know it to be true personally.

Value your friends, life is short, it can be hard, it can feel lonely in its immensity and friends make all the difference.

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