Sometimes it can feel like a competitor is picking a fight with you on the playground.

Let the Haters Hate — You’ve Got a Business to Take Care Of

If you are a business owner, then surely you have run across that one competitor that just doesn’t understand that there is enough to go around. Always has been, always will be. In business there will always be competition, someone new will always be putting up a sign ready to compete against you. In reality, you should take the competition as a push to do your best. However, sometimes your competition will treat it like a fight on the playground.

They see your business as the blockade holding back their progress. They want to get all of your customers. They want to take you down. It could be draining if you let it, but truly it is silly. Don’t give it a second thought.

It shows that they have no concept of what truly is going on in their industry both local and globally. They don’t have a grip on the fact that they will always have competition. It just isn’t possible to be in a thriving business in an opportunity laden area and not have someone in general selling the same service or product.

If you have a competitor you see as the one on the opposite side of the fighting ring with you, then I implore you to stop. Stop thinking about it like that. It is holding you back. You are putting energy into your competitor and not your own business. I’ve got news for you, while you are sitting around thinking about how to outdo your competitor there is someone in the wings about to put up a new sign, open up for business, and they are going to kick your butt, because they aren’t worried about the competition. They are filled with energy, drive, and the determination to succeed by doing what everyone else is doing only they are set on doing it different, better, and in a way not thought of before. Know what, against that new energy filled competitor and the ones already there, you won’t make it if you keep the attitude that you are doing business against another business.

You are in business not against anyone, but rather for someone, your customer. That is where your focus should be. Put it there. Let the haters hate. You have a business to run and that is where you should put your energy.

How can you better serve your customers? If you were to open up a new business in your industry today what would you do to get attention, to better serve the consumers that need your product or service, or what could you do to reinvent your industry’s standard?

Look at your competition as a push to become better. Without them there you might sit back and relax and be caught totally off guard when someone new came along. Competition can, if you let it, bring out the best in your business. It will push you to serve your customer’s needs more fully or to think ahead of how to utilize your resources to impact your bottom line, so that you can invest your profits back into the business.

What would Coca-Cola be without Pepsi? What would Sam’s Club be without Costco? What would McDonald’s be without every other fast food chain down the street? All of those companies are better and bigger because their competition pushed them to think of how to better serve their customer’s needs, even needs they didn’t know they had until the company gave them an option.

Yes, there were probably haters and they died away into the thick pile of failed businesses. It can kill a business, all that focusing on what the other guy is doing or not doing or thinking of doing.

Let your completion be the push to make you do better rather than remain as you are. Let them be a reminder that there will always be someone new coming up the ranks and elbowing their way into the market, so you have to be pushing the boundaries and rethinking of what your customer needs, even if they don’t know they need it, yet.

Put your competitive nature and tendency toward a positive focus on doing more and doing it better each and every day. The outcome will be in your favor.

Let the haters hate; there will always be one or many. It’s just a part of the way they play the business game.

It’s not your game though; you’re playing in a whole different league. Focus on your own game plan and suit up, you’ve got a customer to win over.