Are the choices you make each day in line with the goals you’ve set for your life?

Make the Choice to be Brave and Strive to Thrive in 2016

Ah, the choices we make. They impact us every single moment of our day. Each delicate moment within your life is the direct result of a choice you made. Yet we make many choices, even important ones, over and over without thought. We move through life on autopilot and very seldom do we give our choices thought. I mean who has the time, right? We need to make a choice and move on to the next challenge of the day…like what to eat for dinner.

I saw an advertisement for a new movie coming out and it was an a-ha moment for me. The movie is “The Revenant”. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and is inspired by true events that occurred in the life of Hugh Glass. Mr. Glass was a frontiersman and literally made life changing choices each and every day. Some of those choices took a lot of courage stepping into a world of which there were so many unknowns around the corner.

The advertisement I saw was a still image from the movie and the words were simply “Encounter the Unknown”.

It hit me how brave the people before us actually lived. No internet. No mobile phones. No informational guides. No hand holding throughout the process of living. It was raw, dangerous, exciting, and full of unknowns.

And life today is stressful? Difficult? Busy? Is it really so hard? Can we truly justify that we are putting our goals and dreams on hold or allowing them to simmer when we should be making them boil in front of us?

It’s the choices we are making. We complain when we stand in line at the grocery store and someone decides to write a check rather than do a quick debit card purchase. That check process is going to take time. Why didn’t they just swipe their debit card and put in a pin number? Don’t they understand I don’t have time for this? Oh, you might not complain out loud, but you do it inside, over and over throughout the day.

What if we quit letting the little things make us sweat? What if those things rolled past us without notice and we used our energy for the big moments?

The fact is we very rarely have the big moments because we push them aside. We’re too tired. We’re mentally wiped out. We make excuses that we need to wait until the moment is perfect so we can put effort into making the right choice. The perfect time never comes. Opportunities pass by. We miss out.

I believe we need to start living brave. We need to strive forward to thrive rather than simply surviving. We need to face the big moments and encounter the unknown. That is living big. That is making the most of the days in front of us. That’s how I want to live. Brave. Courageous. Full of life because I’m busy living.

We need to quit talking and start doing.

Don’t spend one more moment telling everyone around you about what you have in store for yourself. Quit telling anyone that will listen about the goals you have dreamed up for yourself. In truth, you think if you say it enough it will come true. It won’t. Do the work.

Make brave choices. Step up to the line. Encounter the unknown. Make the choice to do the work and make it happen.

Let the tiny things of the day roll off you. Make a choice to use your energy for something bigger. Use that energy as an investment in you. Are you going to invest in the stranger that pulled out in front of you in traffic or are you going to invest in you? Choices, choices, every day.

Where you want to be is ahead of you. Make the choices that matter. Make choices that actually involve you being brave and encountering the unknown — the place you want to be — that life you have yet to see but want desperately within you.

Be brave. Strive to thrive in 2016. Make it happen.

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