You have a weekend in front of you to set things right. To put things into motion that will benefit you and others not only this weekend, but in the days ahead.

Make This Weekend about the Things That Matter Most to Your Heart

All week you were caught up in responsibilities. You had to push aside the things that matter most to your heart and your life, and put other things on the top of your priority list. In fact, you may have done it so much and so many times that you don’t even notice how you say “no” to your life to be able to say “yes” to your duties.

Yet, here you have a weekend in front of you to set things right. To put things into motion that will benefit you and others not only this weekend, but in the days ahead. You have only to make choices in which you put matters of the heart first. You can choose love over tasks. You can choose your heart over your to do list and enjoy every minute of it without guilt.

Give yourself permission to enjoy your life.

While you might be tempted to marathon watch your favorite show or catch up on the season, skip that in favor of doing things that make you feel alive. The shows can wait.

Meet up with friends or visit with family. Sit on the back porch and laugh till your side hurts. When was the last time you laughed like that?

Go to a museum or a live show. Fill your eyes with new sights and your brain with wonderful creative moments.

Pull out your art supplies, your rollerblades, your golf clubs, or that book you haven’t ever cracked open. Do the things that used to make you happy that you haven’t made room for in your life in a long time.

Go to a park. Take a walk. Discover the world around you.

Play with your dog or cat, or both. Make someone else happy by giving them time with you. In turn, you will find that putting others first offers healing for you.

Make this weekend about living. Make it about being present in the moment that matters the most. Make memories and reacquaint yourself with what truly matters. It will raise your standards for what makes your priority list in the future. It will make you aware of the minutes that are ticking by and how much there is to enjoy now, in the moment, while you have the opportunity to do so.

It’s your life. It’s your weekend. Live a big life this weekend and you’ll be setting yourself up for a fabulous week ahead and a life full of purpose. Make it happen.

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