Without a road map to your vision of a successful and life fulfilling future, you are wandering around lost in a wilderness of side distractions.

Mapping Out Your Life Plan: A Weekend Project Part 1 of 3

Part 1: The Questions That Need Answered

If you are waking up each and every morning and going through your day without reviewing a written life plan then you are missing out on opportunities. Really. I’m not kidding. You should have a plan for your future. One that maps out how to get where you want to be. Without a road map to your vision of a successful and life fulfilling future, you are wandering around lost in a wilderness of side distractions.

Sure, you might eventually get to where you intended to be, but why take the chance? Why take detours and side roads that you didn’t intend to journey?

It doesn’t mean you will be heading down a straight path without the joys of undiscovered adventures if you have a life plan. Instead, when you want to take a path less traveled or go in a new direction, you still know where you want to end up. You still have a plan so that when you make your way through a new area, or you backtrack to where you were, you know exactly where you need to take your next step to get moving forward again toward what matters to you.

You have but one life to live. It can be filled with wonderful and unexpected twists and turns. Full of things that took you somewhere different than you expected, and for that you may have no regrets. Living life without a plan is perfectly fine, but there are those that have a twinge inside of them to do a particular thing, reach a goal, or strive for a specific career.

When there is something you want, whether it is a career change, to buy a home, a new car, or to travel, or to improve your relationships, a written plan worked and focused upon can make it happen.

Over the weekend I’ll be posting the steps to take to get your life plan down on paper, both Part 2 and Part 3.

Today is the day for questions. Questions to help you bring into focus what you need to work on, and help bring clarity for not only what you want, but what you need. Your life plan has no limits, because if you stay focused, do the work, and keep to the plan then there are no limits to hold you back.

Grab a pen and paper and work on these questions. Tomorrow we’ll go on to Part 2 of Mapping Out Your Life Plan.

· Regrets: If you do have regrets about a career you didn’t pursue, a location you always wanted to live in but never have, or a health issue? List the things you didn’t pursue or follow through that you have regretted.

· Daily Grind: Is there something that frustrates you during your daily life that could be remedied? Perhaps your car isn’t working at a level that allows you to travel far in confidence, your clothes are tight because you’ve put on a few pounds, an area of your home is cluttered and unorganized, or your commute to work is too long. Consider the things that if they changed would lower your daily stress, make things easier, and would add value to your life as you worked through your week. Be detailed and thorough and list the smallest of things to the largest.

· Health: What about your health would you like to change? Are there areas in which you need to become more disciplined? Are there habits you need to break? Are there issues you need to address and finally see a professional about? Your health is important and you need to be assertive in addressing issues that impact it. List the things that you need to do, change, or complete to put you at your optimum health level.

· Relationships: How are the relationships in your life? Are there old friends you would like to reconnect with? Would you like to make new friends? Has your life changed to the point that old relationships are strained and you would like to focus on making them stronger? Or do you need to add distance and move on to bring people into your life that will support your current goals and lifestyle? Do you need to see your extended family more often? Are you making enough time for your immediate family? Ask yourself where you want to put more focus when it comes to your personal life relationships and list them.

· Financial Health: How is your financial situation? Are you carrying a lot of debt? Is the debt causing you stress? Do you feel limited in your life by the debt? Are you overspending? Are you rewarding your stressful life with purchases? Are you putting money into something that is draining your savings? Do you have an emergency savings fund? Financial situations are hard to face at times, but if it is a stressful issue then putting together a plan to make changes will be helpful. Be as detailed as possible as to the changes that need to be made to put you in a more stable, less debt, powerful situation.

· Joys in Life: How happy are you in general? Are there things you want to change? Things you want to add? Things you want to experience? Places you want to visit? Skills you want to add, such as a learning a new language? List the things that you would like to do, have, or learn to make your life happier.

· Aspirations, Dreams, and Goals: Least, but certainly not last, what are your major goals? What are the things you want to accomplish? Your aspirations? Your dream career? List them in detail, even if they seem lofty and far from your reach at this moment.

You may find yourself thinking of something long after you make your lists. Completing the exercise will spark your mind to think of things and look for things that need to be added. Be as detailed as you can as you list items and don’t worry about it looking formal. This is something for your eyes only.

My post for tomorrow will take you through the second step. Make sure you have your lists complete and as detailed as possible.

By taking the step to get a written plan in hand, you are putting the odds in your favor to be in a new position within your vision for your life. That’s setting yourself up for success.

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