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My Best of 2015 Could Help You Make 2016 Your Best

Only a few hours are left of this year and while there were some stressful moments, I am always more reflective on the great moments. The moments that made me smile, laugh, and touched my heart. I am grateful for my family, friends, colleagues, and my local community in what I believe is one of the greatest towns in the USA, Jacksonville, Florida.

I am also very grateful for those of you that have connected with me over this past year. I appreciate your reading my articles, for sharing them, and for recommending them to others. I have a passion for mentoring and helping others, and when it comes to striving through to get to the top — we all need a boost and a good motivational word to help us keep going. I hope I’ve helped you.

I thought hard about what profound and inspirational words I could leave you in these final hours of 2015 to help you make the most of 2016 and it seemed fitting that I share some of the most popular of my articles. My best articles of the year mixed in with a few new ones that are climbing upward in the sharing stats.

I hope they motivate you to live well, work hard, and to strive for nothing but the very best successes in 2016. Let’s make this New Year the best year yet! Make it happen.

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