Because an anchor does its job deep below in the water without being seen, your life anchors can often be hidden from you as well.

Pull Up the Anchor Before It’s Too Late

Everyone has an anchor. It’s very likely you do, too. An anchor is something that once looked like security to you, but now could be holding you back. The thing about anchoring yourself down is that it could keep you from ever moving on.

Your anchor is holding you safely within your comfort zone. You’ve experienced everything inside of there. What you are longing for, dreaming for, and desiring for your life is outside the boundaries. To drift beyond your comfort zone you may have to pull up anchor.

An anchor could be a career, a person, a belief you are hanging onto, and it could even be fear.

Because an anchor does its job deep below in the water without being seen, your life anchors can often be hidden from you as well. They are there nonetheless, holding you from moving outside of what you know and away from what you want.

It might very well be that the anchor has served you well. It was important in a storm, it was important when the waters you were in were perfect for your needs. But maybe it’s time to grasp the realization that it has served its purpose, the tides have shifted. If so, it’s time to cut loose from it and see where the winds take you, or set sail to a destination known.

The point is that you have to take a hard look at yourself and your life to understand the anchor or anchors holding you in place.

If you long for a new view, different from the one you have now, then it is signaling you need to take a hard look at the anchor that is there and why. Much of the time our anchors have been placed because we hold on to false beliefs, we have fears of failure, or we lack the confidence to allow our lives to travel beyond the known. Anchors can also be in place because others hold on tight and won’t let us move beyond their own comfort boundaries for it could set us out of reach.

Life anchors, like those used by boats, serve purposes much of the time, but they aren’t meant to be permanent. A ship is meant to sail. You are meant to live the life designed for you. If you wait too long to move on, you may find the opportunity to do so has passed. Sometimes boats are stranded forever when the water moves on without them.

Don’t wait to make the changes you need. If you long for your life to have a view different from than the one you now have, then pull up the anchor, move on, before it’s too late. Make it happen.

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