Starting a Small Business — I Got Your Back

Being a business owner, I know the long winding road that must be traveled. I also understand the importance of having good mentors and building a strong network of those willing to share their expertise. I also know that giving back feels good.

The Internet offers a tremendous amount of opportunities for us to reach out and connect and that means if you are in the midst of a startup, then there is a world out there full of smart, successful, well-balanced, giving business leaders that you can learn from. Watch their steps, connect with them through social media, read all you can online.

However, to create something new and fresh, to do it a new way, to do it your way, you have to be open-minded. Don’t just watch those in your own industry, step outside the box, look around, be influenced by those starting something new, or building something big that is totally outside your market. It will keep you from coming up with stale ideas and overused tactics for your own business.

I’m a bail bondsman. As a woman it wasn’t easy stepping into a predominantly male oriented business. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, and I not only own an established business, I’ve recently stepped into the startup arena for a new venture. You may think I don’t have anything to offer you. What does a bail bondsman know about starting a cupcake business, or a tech company, or a fashion design house? The truth is, my cupcakes are nothing to rave about, I’ve never written code, and I couldn’t tell you who the biggest success was at this years’ Fashion Week, in New York, Paris, Milan, London, or even at my local Mall. I don’t know what it’s like to be a man trying to navigate the waters of entrepreneurship, and I don’t know what it’s like to have two feet of snow needing to be shoveled from my business door in the winter.

I may not be able to get you moving and biting at the bit like Anthony Robbins, but I do have unique sets of skills, experiences, and outlooks that might just inspire you, give you an “ah,ha!” moment, and make you see or feel something differently. The world is a big place, and connecting can make it feel more manageable. Competition is fierce, but there is room for all of us. Life can bring surprises, and bad things happen to good people sometimes, and in my business, I know that for sure. Starting a business is a big, scary, energy robbing journey, and along that journey, just know, as a mentor, I’ve got your back!

I could be a valuable resource even if we are very different, in different fields, and live on the other side of the world from one another. I also know that as much as I have learned, there is always more to learn. You might end up teaching me more than I can ever teach you, but know this, I will pass it on.

Want to connect? I’m on LinkedIn, I’m on Facebook, I tweet, I tumble, I also write occasionally on Medium. Which brings me to this post. I wrote some things last week you might be interested in if you are an entrepreneur. You may just find a tiny piece of info that will be helpful now or perhaps later on down the road. I’d love that. So, if you’d like some words of wisdom from an entrepreneur bail bondsman, that happens to be a woman, who spends her days and nights getting people out of jail with compassion, and lives in a beautiful city in the northeast of Florida, then check these out:

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