Experts suggest that if you feel you are stuck and not thriving, it could be because you are too comfortable.

The Best First Step to Take in Helping You Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Experts suggest that if you feel you are stuck and not thriving, it’s because you are too comfortable. You have become accustomed to what you know, or perhaps even harshly put, you have decided to exist in your accepted state of chaos. It may not be what you want, but it is what you know. To get things moving you need to break out of your comfort zone.

That’s easier said than done of course, because in most cases you can’t just pack up and leave for a new destination to shake things up.

Other choices may not give a quick result to keep you motivated.

However, there is one part of your comfort zone that you could take a step from that has an immediate impact and it is your food choices. New studies have shown that simply making new food choices that are not within your regular range could result in you feeling empowered and get you to seek out other new things.

Of course, it means much more than going to your tried and true favorite restaurant and picking something new off of the menu. No, you will have to be much more daring than that. You need to really step outside your comfort zone. In doing so, you need to commit and not decide you will take a bite off someone else’s plate, skew up your face, spit into your napkin, and shudder your body in revulsion. You must decide to try something and enjoy it for the experience, even if it doesn’t become a favorite.

It’s the experience that will make it big for you. So, another important aspect is that you choose the food item or entire meal, shop for it, and prepare it.

It has become a “thing” for young professionals to do together or for friends to gather once a month and come together to try new foods. It can be centered on a cultural menu or a pure surprise. The point is to make something that is new, surprising, exciting, and will provide an enjoyable experience.

One person went even farther and invited 5 friends to a cocktail party. They were to bring an appetizer and drink that they had never had before and invite someone new to the usual circle of friends. The point was to step outside the comfort zone in several ways including food, drink, and meeting someone new. After almost a year the group has grown exponentially and they still continue to try new things together and have traveled together, have invited guest speakers, and even booked a trapeze class for everyone. The group said they believe their monthly events have stimulated them to take other risks and comfortably seek out new experiences that have led to happier and more fulfilled lives.

It all started with trying something new.

Switching up the usual with your weekly diet and food choices offers immediate change, a big step out of your comfort zone, and whether you love or hate it, or find it “meh”, the point is to take a step outside of where you are comfortable.

To get started, decide to build a menu around a country you have always wanted to visit, a culture you are interested in, or tie it into a favorite movie. Go vegan or vegetarian. Be creative and something will come to you. There are plenty of great recipe sites to look through and Pinterest will inspire you for hours.

Make a bold move and step outside of your comfort zone the quickest and easiest way possible, try something new for your plate. You will soon find yourself expanding your world in other ways as well, and you will be on the path to making 2016 the best year yet. Make it happen.

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