The perks are sometimes worth just as much as the pay offering in getting and keeping an employee.

The Best Perks Top Companies Use to Recruit Valuable Employees

The competition is fierce out there and not just for job applicants looking for employment. Companies are fighting to get the best skilled, creative, and educated employees they can to catapult their business to the next level. After all, if they don’t hire them, then their competition might.

To make the decision easier on the candidate, the companies are using more than a competitive pay scale or the usual benefits to ensure a successful recruit turns into a hire. They are using perks to both persuade a recruit to come on board and to keep their employees happy with their jobs. The perks are sometimes worth just as much as the pay offering in getting and keeping an employee.

Here are just a few that some companies offer:

· Onsite childcare

· Longer maternity leave for both parents

· Unlimited paid time off

· Longer work days with shorter work week options

· Longer holiday leave

· Birthday and Anniversary paid leave

· Onsite gym or gym membership

· Catered meals during work hours

· Break room with free and healthy snacks and drinks

· Nap rooms

· Paid time for volunteering to approved organizations

· Team sports within the company

· Pet insurance

· Pets allowed at work

· Matching company funds to personal donations

· Reimbursement for education costs

· Scholarships for child college tuition

· Field trips for work teams for creativity building and/or team building

· Monetary reward for goal achievements

· Profit sharing

· Access to company owned vacation property for family events

· Season to tickets to local sporting events for family

· Job sharing

· Ability to set own hours for beginning and ending of work day

It could be well worth it for any business, small or large, to be competitive for the best recruits possible by offering perks that their competition does not. While some might appear to be costly, they might in fact boost production, lower absenteeism, lower overturn, and increase satisfaction and morale among employees.

Large corporations have the ability to provide more perks for new recruits than small businesses. With new regulations in place for small businesses, it is even harder to afford employees let alone provide perks on top of that, but it could be worth it to try and at least offer a few.

Some companies offer employees the option of choosing among a wide range of offered perks. They can switch them every year and are offered the ability to add the number of perks they can choose according to years of service to the company.

Businesses can be creative and offer perks related to their location, seasonal attractions, local interests, and employee interests. The industry of the business could offer unique ways to offer perks to employees, especially if the business has long operating hours, offers valuable products or services, or has seasonal peaks allowing lulls in operational hours at other times.

Borrowing from the list of perks top companies offer employees, inventing a unique perk or perhaps several, could go a long way in building loyalty to the business, create happier more productive employees, and in the long run increase profitability of the company.

Perks are why we often choose a product over another, a service over another, or a particular brand. Sometimes it takes the smallest perk to help us make up our minds as to where we spend our money. Perks can win over a customer and sometimes build life-long loyalty to the brand.

Business owners should take on the same concept to win over their employees. Sell the job along with perks and invest in the perks to be attractive to the employee and future recruits. It’s just good business to encourage the best effort from your employees, and perks are definitely the way to do just that.