Opportunities are all around us and the more you grab them, the more you shift the odds to you thriving in your life and career.

The Career and Business Opportunity You are Passing Over Every Week

Everyone wants to think they are on the outlook for any opportunities. Maybe sometimes more than others one is aware of being focused to find them, but usually that isn’t the case. Instead we are zeroed in on tasks to be completed and opportunities pass us by. I became distinctly aware years ago of one particular opportunity that passes by every single week and for me it is now where I put my energy, and it keeps me working hard to find the priority opportunities that I am ever eager to discover.

If you are always putting action toward finding an opportunity and taking advantage of it, then surely the odds are in your favor to recognize the major opportunities when they show up. More importantly you are always in a mode of preparing, so you are ready for opportunities and fewer will be lost.

The opportunity that is available to you every week is that of learning and adding to your skill set, your knowledge base, your experience, and your creativity. Every single week somewhere near you, within driving distance, or online there is an opportunity to build upon your abilities by enrolling in a seminar, a speaker’s event, a course, or a self-study.

You can find these opportunities through your Chamber of Commerce, through the Small Business Administration, through local colleges and universities, local newspaper announcements, and through industry news.

Perhaps you are in the market to advance in your career or change careers and you know a specific skill set could have you higher up in the running for the job or bring you a better paycheck, then what are you waiting for? It’s obvious that any effort toward gaining that skill set is better than nothing.

For instance, let’s consider that you have to take a course and it will be grueling and time consuming for you to study and there just isn’t any place in your schedule to block out time to attend a class. You could commit to taking an online course, to audit the one at the institution you were planning to attend, or to simply buy a course textbook and study on your own. By putting yourself into the exposure or studying of the subject now, it will be easier when you officially take the course. It will be familiar to you and overall the official effort will be less grueling, and you will be less stressed in your effort.

There is always something you can do to add to your abilities. It may not be the big major step to accomplish it quickly, but even if you move slowly towards the goal, you are moving forward and that is the direction you always want to be heading.

Also, look beyond what is obvious to your current career and goals and find things out of the box to add to your skill set, knowledge, and experiences. Maybe you don’t plan on starting a company someday so you don’t think you need to know about accounting, tax planning, or how to prepare a balance sheet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn. Knowing these skills could allow you to better talk with your own accountant someday, to understand your investments for retirement, or open up an unexpected career path years ahead.

One opportunity you should consider is a simple art class or music class. Anything that requires you to be creative is fantastic. If your pottery bowl turns out lopsided, if your painting resembles an abstract version of what you were attempting to create, or if your attempt at playing the piano has even childhood songs unrecognizable, it doesn’t matter. No one should expect to be a master at anything after a few classes. It is for the experience that you are enrolling in the class. Being creative is one of the best experiences you can give yourself, because the more creative you seek to be the better you are at practically everything you do.

Creativity plays a role in your life every day. Being creative helps you in problem solving, in organizing, in scheduling, in dealing with relationships, even in making a budget stretch. It makes you think organically and out of the box to come up with solutions where they are not obvious. So, put aside thinking only the artistic or crafting types need to be creative, because anyone can benefit by adding to their creative thinking skills.

If there is a seminar on cyber safety, you should attend it. You might not plan to oversee an IT department someday, but if you use a computer, a notepad, or a mobile phone it could be a useful to learn. It will also help you better understand when the news offers up accounts of ransomware attacks to know what that is and how it could impact you or your family.

Every single week there is an opportunity to do something to increase your value to an employer, to be a better entrepreneur, to take efforts toward a career change, or to experience something you have always wanted to know more about such as learning a new language, how to make mozzarella cheese, how breweries make their product, how to grow organic vegetables for your family in a raised gardening bed, or how to code.

Get online, open your local newspaper, check out the bulletin board at the local coffee shop, co-working facility, or local college and find an opportunity. There are seminars you should attend, speeches to be heard, music lessons to take, classes to audit or enroll into, online courses to be completed, and mentoring or private instruction available.

If you do something every week, then in one year you will have added 52 or more skill sets or experiences into your life and that is better than being stuck. Don’t use the excuse that you don’t have time, because if it matters you will find the time. Instead of meeting a friend at the coffee shop, take a night course in pottery together. Go to an entrepreneurial workshop with a colleague, or audit a course with your best friend and maybe you’ll discover you want to go farther in your pursuit and become business partners someday or graduate together.

Sure you might only get 28 weekly events scheduled or maybe 42 instead of the full 52, but doing something is the point. If you put your focus out into the world looking for that weekly opportunity, then you will be constantly in the mode of seeking opportunities, which means fewer will pass you by. Also, you are always growing, always building upon your skill set and experiences and that means you are preparing for the rare opportunities that are fleeting. At the very least, you are creating your own opportunities and experiencing more in your life. Make it happen.

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