According to experts your success in something has more to do with one character trait than it does your knowledge, skill, or talent.

This One Character Trait Will Dramatically Increase Your Chance of Success

Taking a step toward your goal is empowering. You take one step and then another and you start to feel a change in the air around you because things are changing. Then you hit a wall. A challenge is set before you that keeps you standing still. It might even push you backward a few steps. The discouragement floods through you and whether you feel more determined, whether you pick yourself up and keep going comes down to one thing and that is how much grit you have to stick with something and do what it takes to accomplish your goal.

According to experts your success in something has more to do with your grit than it does your knowledge, skill, or talent.

What makes grit? Why do some people step off the field of the “goal game” when they fail, reach an obstacle, or find a challenge in front of them? Why do they simply pick up and move to something else, when if they had stayed in the action a few more rounds they would likely have succeeded?

There are studies you can read concerning grit and why it exists in some people and not others, and whether it can be learned or we are born with a certain amount of grit. Out of all I have read I believe grit is built when someone gets the mindset that something is going to be hard, is going to take a bit of discipline and sacrifice, and they have a strong vision of what that goal is and what it will bring when it is reached.

I talk to a lot of people that want desperately to succeed and I can usually tell whether I will see them reach their goals by how they talk about what they want to achieve.

If they talk about all of the things they are going to do once they reach the goal and I don’t hear about their plan, their action, and their expectations of the journey to their goal then I often am right in thinking they are wishers and not doers. The grit isn’t there, not even in the beginning.

Talk and wishing is the start of a dream. Then the dream needs to transform into a goal or goals. Then you have to plan how to get from Point A of where you are to Point B of where you want to be. I don’t mean plan it in your head either, I mean write down step by step so it is visual, it is a map for you to follow, it is a real tangible plan you now have in place. Next, with your plan in place you inject action, discipline, and focus.

It will be the moments when distractions come up, when failures threaten to discourage you, when challenges seem too difficult and obstacles too big that the road will fork. On one road will be success and it will likely be “the road less traveled” as a great poet once said, and to go that path you will have to have grit.

Get up if you’ve been pushed down, take your dreams off the shelf if you stored them there long ago, brush the dust out of your eyes from the storms that you’ve faced, and find your grit, because with enough grit you will succeed. You can only win the game if you play. If you quit, then you will never win.

When the journey you are on puts you face to face with a major challenge, find your grit, and stay in the game. Keep playing no matter what and make it happen.

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