There is still time to make decisions that will have a positive impact on your New Year.

Tips for Making Sure that You Make the Most of New Year’s Eve

The hours are clicking by as we draw closer to New Year’s Eve, but there is still enough time for you to make some smart decisions that will have you sighing with relief in 2016. Here is a “to do list” to set you up for success, which is what the next year will be all about, right?

· Do a quick walk through your home and your business looking for things you rarely use or never use. Pack those things up and take them to a local charity organization such as Goodwill and get a tax deduction receipt before the year end.

· Make any final donations to charity organizations. As long as the postmark is on or before December 31 then the deduction can be counted toward this year’s tax data.

· Go through your social media accounts and update your profile pictures, your headers, and your bios so that they are fresh and relevant to your branding goals.

· Go through your digital photos from the last year and file them into folders marked 2015.

· Scan through the shared photos in your social media and if there is a picture that doesn’t match your branding goals then take it down — no matter how good you look in the photo.

· Scan your website for areas that need to be updated for 2016.

· Transfer into your new calendar any deadlines, birthdays, anniversaries, and other events that are important.

· Organize your work area by clearing out clutter, throwing out empty pens, and storing away the files you use every day rather than letting them sit out blocking your view and creativity.

· If you have living plants in your work area, add new potting soil to the top and fertilize it. Perhaps it’s time for a repotting. If you have silk plants, then clean them. Taking care of the little things that usually are overlooked will do much to fill you with positive feelings about the area.

· Review your plan for success for the next month. Know where you will direct your focus for the first month of the year. For more information on planning for success: Get a Head Start on Making 2016 the Best Year Yet with This Tip.

One more tip: During your celebrations enjoy yourself, but remember your branding goals and career aspirations while posing in photos. Photos taken by you and of you should be done without alcohol in your hand according to experts, unless of course that is part of your brand, then toast away!

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