Planning now will allow you to actually enjoy the holiday season and ring in the New Year happier, healthier, and with less debt.

Tips to Close Out 2015 Smartly and Get a Jump Start on 2016 

It may be hard to believe, but we are weeks away from seeing the holiday decorations fill our local retail stores and malls. They will all be pushing us to spend, spend, spend. They push until you get caught up in the energy and falsely believe that it is what you are supposed to do — spend a lot of money. Then comes January and the bills and you spend months telling yourself you are not going to do all of that next holiday season, but you will if you don’t plan now.

It is the middle of the third quarter of the year, in a few weeks we will be facing the final months of 2015. Between now and the end of the year, there are not that many paychecks to be cashed. To be super savvy with your holiday shopping list, your plans for celebrating, and to start off your New Year with fewer bills and more money in your pocket, you need to plan now.

Also, there are not many extra hours to handle all the demands made upon your schedule during the holiday, but spread out over a longer time period you can do more with less stress and less wear and tear on your physical, emotional, and mental health.

As the summer fades and school bells begin to ring again, it is a great time to take advantage of the competitiveness retailers throw themselves in to get their share of the back to school money being spent. Everything from electronics to clothing is being discounted. Online discounts found at your favorite retailer sites can be tremendously deep and give you more for your dollar. They also are offering shipping discounts or free shipping which saves you more.

Because you are shopping early you won’t be as tired or under stress to get a purchase quickly. You can take your time and find the right gift at the right price. Make your list, buy, save, and store the gifts away. Don’t be tempted to give anything early or to buy extra gifts. The point is that you are shopping smartly and saving money.

This is also a great time to prepare to look and feel fabulous in your winter and holiday clothes and photos. Late summer and autumn weather is great for starting a new exercise program, and to take long walks after work. In late summer, fitness centers often add more classes to consider that can more easily fit into your busy schedule. If you start now you can feel energized, healthy, and confident for the holidays when most people are usually under stress, and suffering from neglect to their body and health.

Summer isn’t over and that can make it feel like the holiday season is far away in your schedule, but it isn’t. Plan now, shop now, start exercising now, get fit now, make your travel reservations now, do it all now, now, now. When the holidays come upon you and push into your already busy lifestyle, you can actually enjoy it. Then you can start off the New Year with the best jump start on making it the best year ever.

Start planning today and have a great rest of the summer, a well-planned out autumn, and a fantastic winter with a joyful, less stressed holiday season. In doing so, you’ll be set to have a very Happy New Year with a less stressed, less debt filled, healthier, more successful 2016.