Many people make resolutions to save more money in the year ahead, or to pay down debt.

Unique Ways to Make Money on the Side to Put in Savings or Pay Down Debt

Many people make resolutions to save more money in the year ahead, or to pay down debt. Experts suggest all households have an emergency fund that could cover living expenses for three months, but that isn’t something that is easy to come by, let alone have a separate savings account as well. However, with some creative and disciplined actions a household budget could be eased. You might not only begin to save more money, but pay off debt, too.

Rather than waiting until you need cash and you are on the verge of rolling coins to buy gas, you should prepare ahead. There are ways to put your hands on cash without having to look for a part time job. In keeping your cash flow going you won’t be put in a bind or pushed to pay late fees on your bills. Paying bills on time and avoiding late fees is just one way to keep more money in your pocket.

Here are some ways to make extra money on the side to allow you to put some away in savings and to pay a little extra toward your debt:

· If you own your home then consider listing your property on the air.bnb website. If you live in an area where travel is strong, there are major events, tourist attractions, or there is a major hospital or college nearby, then you may find you can make extra money easily.

People will rent your entire home, a guest house, or just a room. You decide what area you are willing to rent out. Guests secure the rental online for a few nights, an entire week, or even a month. They pay directly to the website and you are then paid your share of the rental cost.

Many people find staying at homes safer and more interesting than staying in hotels. They don’t exactly do it to save money, but rather to have an experience within a particular neighborhood or to try out the area before they move there. Others are simply traveling through to another destination, they are on vacation, or staying near a college student or hospital patient.

Some people with apartments or leased properties could also qualify to list on the site, recently a college student made the news for listing his own dorm room for travelers. However, you should review your lease to make sure there are no stipulations against you renting out the area for short term usage; the college student I mentioned failed to check out rules for renting out his dorm room. For more information:

· Join in on the shared economy craze. A few minutes online can put you in touch with all sorts of shared economy based businesses. These businesses are in place to allow people to pay to use something rather than buy it. In some instances, it is a replacement for other businesses, think Uber or Lyft.

There are businesses that will allow you to list your designer handbags, your sporting equipment, your vinyl records, your wedding dress, gadgets, and almost anything else.

People will pay to use your china and stemware, your backyard for a party, your boat that sits docked most of the time, your RV, tents, backpacking equipment, games, and toys.

If you have an unused area in your business or even in your home (if it has a separate entrance), you can list that area for use by traveling business people, freelancers, or startups.

The shared economy trend is popular and people like knowing they are a part of a business model that helps others put things and areas to good use. Spend a few moments online and consider making a listing to bring in extra money for your budget.

· If you have skills that can be hired out, then you should consider doing freelance work. There are many freelancer based services to be found both online and locally. You can offer services for anything from graphic design to tutoring.

There are also online businesses to list yourself if you have skills in carpentry, plumbing, or being a great organizer. One such business is Thumbtack.

· If you are a popular babysitter, nanny, or pet sitter for your friends and family, then consider listing your services with an online business such as or You can take jobs that are offered to you when you have the time and can commit to a job. Some are sporadic random jobs while others can be steady. It’s up to you which jobs to choose to take on.

· Take what you like to do and market that interest, knowledge, or skill into a part-time business. Do you like doing your own makeup and doing it for others? Are your skills good enough to be praised by others? Then market yourself to bridal shops and wedding planners to do the makeup for brides, bridesmaids, and mothers.

Do you love to cook and serve at big events? Then contact a caterer and offer your services or start your own.

Are you a cupcake maker extraordinaire? Then market your talents to mothers at daycares and schools for birthday parties and events.

With a little creativity you could find a business looking for your talents to contract you into their services, or you can create your own small business. You will be able to do what you like and make some extra money.

The key to saving more and paying down debt is being disciplined to spend less and run your life on a strict budget, but having more money coming in can make all the difference in doing it in a big way. Putting forth the effort in the year ahead could have you in a completely different situation than you are now. You can do it, make it happen.

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