If you stand looking through the door of opportunity to the other side without rushing inside, someone else may slip through in front of you.

When the Door of Opportunity Opens Run Don’t Walk Through It

No matter how long you have waited for the chance of a lifetime to come, once it happens you can still be hesitant. A new job, starting college, meeting a mentor for the first time, going in for an interview, or leading a team on a project can be the moment you have hoped for, but once it is in front of you it can seem overwhelming. The reason is that fear overtakes you and understanding how to defeat it when you are face to face with it can make all the difference in being able to take full advantage of an opportunity that comes your way.

The first thing to fully understand and direct your focus on is that an opportunity that presents itself is yours for the taking. If you fully grasp that concept then you are armed and ready to meet fear head on.

People sometimes consider passing on opportunities rather than face down the fear it triggers.

The fear they face springs from thinking they aren’t worthy, or that they haven’t worked hard or long enough, or that they will fail at the next step. This can be born from a lack of confidence, a lack of preparedness, or it can simply be that the person has worked so long at reaching the pinnacle that they are stuck in a comfortable space and it is change they fear most.

Knowing that the moment is yours will empower you to claim it, move forward, and do what it is that must be done to claim the opportunity fully. There can be no hesitation.

You must never hesitate. The reason is because there are people that find their own opportunities in moments when others fail to rise up to claim them. They sweep in when the person is peering through the door at what is on the other side and slip in front of them. It can happen to you, so don’t stand too long looking through the door of opportunity considering if you are ready, or worthy, or prepared. Open that door and run through.

Running through the door is akin to “faking it until you make it”. That you can do. You must.

Not only can you kick your fear aside once the opportunity presents itself, but you can override it when you are fully within the moment, simply by doing a few things:

1) Believe in yourself.

2) Prepare each and every day so that you feel confident in your abilities and worth.

3) Invest in you whenever you can so that you are qualified, skilled, and educated to make the most of any opportunity that comes along.

4) Expect the opportunities you need to appear, because if you expect them then you won’t be surprised when they occur and you’ll jump right in and push aside any doubt or fear.

The chance of a lifetime is coming, believe that. Prepare and get ready. You got this. When that door opens, go into it confidently. Oh, and make sure you are doing the work and looking for the opportunities themselves, because sometimes you have to build them yourself and make it happen.

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