Why are you working so hard only to end up with a body that won’t be well enough to enjoy the rewards?

Why Reaching Your Goals Will Never Matter If You Don’t Take Care of You

Isn’t it time you started taking better care of your body? We may be making strides in technology, but in your lifetime you will not be able to replace the body you have ignored and abused with poor choices. Why are you working so hard only to end up with a body that won’t be well enough to enjoy the rewards?

It’s time you stopped thinking of food as a reward. If you give yourself a chocolate peanut butter oversized cupcake and call it a reward, I beg you to reconsider. It’s a punishment. It keeps you in a cycle of finding pleasure in food within the busy and emotional confines of your daily life. It gives you a short pick up so that you can keep going at a pace that isn’t healthy. It fulfills all kinds of other needs, but a cupcake will never fill the need you have to take care of your body.

Change your mindset. Start thinking of taking care of your body and pushing toward the healthy side of all choices and it will give you an advantage. It is a competitive advantage if you are thinking, performing, producing, and creating at your optimum level. You can read a million books on how to succeed, be happier, be more productive, and how to excel as a leader and yet the most important thing you need to succeed is to take care of your body.

You need sleep for your body to repair. There is a new revolution going on in which leaders, industries, brands, and other influencers are pushing for a realization that sleep is essential. You have the ability to give yourself that valuable tool. CEO’s are pushing their employees to take naps where their performance and creativity is essential to the company’s success. It is their way of grabbing at the thing they know will make a difference. If you can make that choice for yourself, then why not?

You need to exercise. It strengthens your body. It makes your systems work more efficiently. It boosts your creativity. It empties your brain so that it can fill again. It takes away stress. It boosts your immune system. It will make you feel better. It will make you look healthier and will help you portray the image you want to those that have the ability to choose you for their team or to allow you to benefit from their efforts.

Yet, nothing you do will make up for you sticking too much salt, horrible fats, fast food, low nutritious choices, or empty calories into your body. Consider your food as the fuel your body needs to continue at a strong pace to make your goals happen. Your body is a fabulously wonderful and complex machine that needs specific things to work efficiently. Give it what it needs and you will benefit. Giving it what it doesn’t need is actually harmful and is equal to you sabotaging your entire future.

A recent study came out that 45% of all heart attacks are silent. People actually don’t know that they are having a heart attack. Their hearts are being damaged and they don’t know. The results are not connected to a positive outcome. Researchers suggested that the way to avoid the number one killer in the U.S. is to simply avoid salt, bad fats, overeating, and to exercise regularly.

There was also another study that revealed it takes very little time out of one’s schedule to reap the benefits of exercise. Actually less than a minute for a few times a week.

Yet another study revealed that you can make a significant difference in your health if you make changes. You haven’t missed the window for correcting long followed bad habits. But you actually have to make the changes, adapt new habits, and start taking care of your body. Putting it off could lead you into a point of no return.

If you have dreams, goals, hopes, and you are working hard to make them happen, then why not give yourself an advantage by becoming as healthy as you possibly can. Your efforts will make a difference and will accumulate so that as you go on and on the benefits will exponentially increase with your continued efforts.

Then when you reach those hard fought for goals you will have the body that will allow you to thoroughly enjoy them and for a long time.

We can safeguard a part of what our bodies are subjected to daily and knowing we are fighting the negativity we face in our environments and the destiny of our genes, why not be the best caretaker possible and make good choices? Sleep. Exercise. Destress. Eat well.

It’s your life and your dreams. Bring them in alignment with one another. Make it happen.

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