Your body language is telling people how you really feel about them and yourself.

You May Be Speaking Confident but Is Your Body Betraying How You Really Feel?

Did you know that the words coming out of your mouth convey less than 10% of the communication you are giving to another person or a room of people? The other 90% has nothing to do with your carefully chosen words. Sorry, but your clothing and appearance are not the main impact of the impression you are giving either. It is your body language.

If you haven’t studied this scientific look into communication then you are missing out on having the impact you are wanting on your customers, vendors, lenders, and your staff. It could be hindering your efforts at gaining employment with your dream organization or gaining funding for your newest venture.

Perhaps you really are confident and you feel like a million bucks, but your habits in body language communication are sending an entirely different perception.

How you stand, how you face another person, where you hold your hands while listening or talking, where you place your briefcase, purse or portfolio when entering someone’s office, and how you shake hands are all telling much more about you than you ever thought.

That handshake is essential and while men may have it down pat, when it comes to women shaking hands with one another or when mixed genders shake hands, it is a whole new ballgame. You better know what you are doing and what messages you are sending to the other person for it is influencing your career and business.

Just because I find the subject interesting doesn’t mean I’m an expert, so I’ll hook you up with some great links to find out more:

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Since it’s Friday, I’d like to share this as well:

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