Yes, if you are, like I am, a moderate republican, you will be called a RINO.
Tim Knowles

You and I agree on the need to focus on local government. You mentioned in your original post we should pay more in local taxes than federal. I can agree with that. You showed me a different perspective on globalization. I am not bought in, but I understand your point of view.

Now, I can point a whole variety of ways the Democrats/Progressives/Liberals have gone wrong, but one way is their messaging. The messaging has been to appeal to the humanity of their base as opposed to the financial practicality of the ideas.

I will start with education. We provide education to the public so that we have a ready workforce to contribute. There are problems with our education, which is a whole other rabbit hole, but education is not a charity or socialism, it is an investment. I went to college on Pell Grants and the money invested in my college education has had a huge ROI for the government in the increased taxes I have paid.

Healthcare is not charity nor is it socialism. It is an investment in the health, productivity, and contributions to our country. Preventative healthcare also reduces the costs of healthcare as opposed to someone never going to the doctor but to the emergency room when things go wrong. As far as excluding pre-existing conditions, that takes the cost away from the insurance companies and onto the tax payers who pay for the emergency room visits of people who did not get their pre-existing conditions paid for. Now we can simply say taxes (medicare/medicaid) goes away and no one gets care unless they can afford it or if there is a charity that can afford it, but that will leave a lot of people without care, living without the ability to contribute to society and dead. Health and Education are very similar as investments to our society, as are other government programs such as roads, police, firefighters.

Let’s talk about regulations. The government makes laws so that a person cannot harm or take advantage of another person. The government needs to make and enforce laws so that companies cannot harm or take advantage of people. Those are the regulations. Yes they can go too far, as can laws that apply to people, but extreme deregulation happens for the benefit of the profit of corporations and those wealthy people in the bubble I mentioned who do not care about the average person. Those people are in power and they very much write or eliminate laws that hold them back from profit first. BTW — I never thought you were one of those people, but please show me one person in Trump’s cabinet that is grounded and not living in that bubble. And yes I know Democrats also have corporate sponsors and make decisions based on who their donors are. It is a problem of money in politics. Some people heard the Donald say he was different, he did not need the money that buys of politicians and that is why they voted for him. But he says a lot of things. I am hopeful those who believed him are able to recognize that they have been conned.

So, what programs are socialist and bad in your opinion that you need to be completely against? How free do you think corporations should be from laws and regulations?

I was a registered Republican 25 years ago, but over the years the party has changed quite a bit. So has our world and the opportunities and challenges that we face.

Also, you have said more than once that you are not a fan of Trump even though you voted for him. I hear that often. Well he is the President now. Why don’t you like him? What do you disagree with him about? Do you think he might be dangerous? What are you willing to do to fight against the things you don’t agree with within your own party?

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