“Oh, My Virgin Ears!” I’ve Heard Worse From WOMEN About Men On The Assembly Line Than What Bush/Trump Said In Male Banter.

Come on, folks. We’re supposed to be adults, not children. Girls, how many times have you said to your girlfriends something almost as bad, if not worse than what Trump and Bush bumped around in what was thought to be a private conversation?

Look, ladies, and I use that term losely, you know and I know that the only time we would be “offended” is if we wanted to hurt someone in the worst possible way. We would be joining in and joking just as hard as the men are and probably would come up with something far, far worse.

I worked on the assembly line for a good ten years before I received my Master’s in Electrical Engineering. It took me that long to find a job that equaled the pay I was making at the time. Then the Union Busters paid my company a visit and overnight it became easier to find a job in my field.

Ultimately, I went on to finish my Doctorate in Juris. I had a 4.0 gpa, I might add, so I am nobody’s dummy. But neither are you.

We are not the fools or ditherheads that the DNC and media would like us to be. Use your head for something other than a damn hat wrack. This is nothing more than a meer distraction to take the focus from Ms. Clinton and her emails, her husband’s infidelities, rapes and who knows what else.

When I went to work in a power plant, I was the first woman to ever set foot in that male domain. I worked right along-side the men. I was just as dirty with coal dust as they were; carried just as many chain falls up 200 feet of stairway and, unless it was really bad and I told them to cool it, I have heard it all. This isn’t anything.

It wasn’t about disrespect. Not in the context it was in. It was about a long, hot day beside the boiler, or in the middle of the coal yard, or somewhere totally disgusting, where boredom could become a factor. We were playing and never, ever slept together or had an affair. It was just passing time. Trump and Bush are human, also, and thought they were in a private conversation.

A person is allowed to joke and clown around, regardless of what sex you may be. It is idiotic to think otherwise and it is totally insane if you do not see what they are trying to do. Especially today.

Have you listened to people talk to each other? How many times have you heard two women call each other “bitches?” Now to me, that is more offensive than some other stuff.

Sure, they were going on about this and that. What about you, babe, that talks about something called a “B. J.” There aren’t any cameras around, unless you are recording it on your computer, tablet, or phone, so you don’t have to worry about that.

All I ask is that you don’t try to blow smoke up my skirt and try to convince me that YOU are so pure that you have never said a thing, yourself.

What about the “Ellen Show,” where they have male strippers give women back rubs, and had a photoshopped picture of Matt Lauer as a male stripper.

How about Rachel Ray, who throws out sexual inuendos in every show.

Look. Words are only words, but unless you are a Puritan, which I doubt, who are you to say a thing?

All of this is about Hillary. Put the focus back where it belongs; on the emails, the money, Benghazi, the people she has got killed with her incompetence and why she got a get-out-of-jail-free card.

This is only a 62 year old woman’s opinion, but it is my opinion and I voiced it here.

Sherry Levesque