Are credit cards a blessing or a curse? | Tales of an Excessive Spender

Sherwette Mansour
Jul 12 · 4 min read

“With our credit card, you get miles, you get free access to airport lounges, you get special discounts and offers, you get to pay now for specific merchants and install the payment in 6 months with 0% interest rate, you get, you get… and then you get some more.”

Why do we fall into this position from the very start?

So, what did Roger, point out exactly?

To keep it simple, if you are in debt, stop using your credit card. Start paying in cash, feel that pain and well, eventually, your spending habits would change.

Sherwette Mansour

Written by

Management consultant. Abstract artist. Interested in psychology and consumer behavior… Food, travel, photography, water sports... Spontaneous otherwise.

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