Keto Diet | Day 11 | Eating out is not as fun as eating in

Weight: 60.7 KG

Target Weight: 57 KG

Waist: 83 cm

Buttocks: 96 cm

Mood: 7

Today was a shopping day. I know it’s not relevant, but well, sharing is caring 😜

I won’t say there is anything today that is out of the usual. I mean from a food perspective, with the exception that eating out is kind of a challenge. I look at the menu, and it’s full of carbs and I start freaking out if the dressing had some carbs in it. Did the Rocca salad had balsamic dressing? Did I exceed my carb gram intake today? And so on. But I am sure I am ok. I also kind of like the food I am cooking for myself more. A little self-praise. I know.

My menu for the day.


  • Coffee with cream
  • I skipped the food. I wasn’t hungry. I decided to only eat when I am hungry.

Lunch: Today I had a double lunch. An early lunch and another one late in the afternoon. I mean shopping makes me hungry.

  • Lunch 1: Stir-fried egg-plant and shrimps with mozzarella cheese
  • Lunch 2: Mixed grill, Rocca salad, and moussaka


  • Grilled Halloumi cheese and Rocca

It’s Rocca day I guess.

I am also eating more of my cheesecake today.

Good night.

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