Keto Diet | Day 9 | Ok. I am starting to feel hungry again

Weight: 61 KG

Target Weight: 57 KG

Waist: 83 cm

Buttocks: 96 cm

Mood: 7

Ok. So, the highlight of my day is that I am feeling hungry again. I did like I said yesterday, if I am having a smoothie for breakfast, then I am having coffee without milk. I was super hungry today, like all day. That’s quite odd compared to the previous days when I was barely feeling hungry. I had a lot of cheese as a snack, luckily, I went to the grocery store last night and bought a bunch of cheese. I mean my fridge only has cheese and cream.

I am not really sure what does it mean, but let’s see.

And, here is my menu for the day.


  • Mixed berries smoothie with almond milk with chia seeds
  • Coffee without milk


  • Cheddar cheese
  • Salted cashew nuts


  • Beef sticks
  • Green salad


  • Lamb
  • Green salad

I think I am going to have some mozzarella cheese now, I am not sure yet.

Have a good night.

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