I can’t speak to your experience….But,
A.J. Kay

Thanks for sharing! Honestly, I didn't write this story feeling like a victim at all. Nor is this a story of whining about guys not liking me or relationships failing. I see people reading into my words and feeling offended at my use of the word bitch. But I still don't mean what some readers think I mean.

I've read through the story several times and am fine with where it stands. Even knowing that people are reading more into it than I intended.

People get very critical of other writers and what they "should" or "could" have said. I stand by my words and my experience and know that they in no way reflect everyone's experience. Another reader/writer here has already stated how this resonated with her own experiences and I think there's room in the discussion of relationships to be honest in our thoughts and feelings and shortcomings. Just like some people experience genuine "mean girls" in high school, and others never do.

I already stated in the story that I never thought anyone owed me a relationship or that they should have liked me. I discussed my experiences with a few other relationships and acknowledged that I learned to be skeptical of men who talk poorly of their exes.

If my daughter came crying to me as you suggested, I would tell her the same thing as you... That no one owes her a relationship.... But that's already something I said in the story.