As a writer chooses to write behind the pay wall they’re basically starting their following from…
Michael K. Spencer

That’s a really good point about the pivot toward the MPP. As a nobody writer (and no expert in any field), I had to start a following from scratch. But I had the luxury to do so with the partner program from the beginning. I locked everything except for publication stories…and then Medium allowed locked stories in pubs. So I locked everything. Most of my readers are members and any time a story gets “popular” I make less because the engagement suddenly includes non-members. I think there are a lot of big writers here with way more followers than me, but they may struggle more because their audience includes fewer members. And as you said, there’s been the pivot toward locked stories.

I would like to see engagement grow for you because I know you’re damn good at what you do. The futurist and tech writing is admittedly above my head as someone who can’t wrap her mind around blockchain and cryptocurrencies but I know you are clearly a great writer.