I’ve conflicting feelings about this.
Vico Biscotti

Yes, conflicting feelings make sense.

Honestly, if you block somebody, there can be no opposing views, no conversation.

And the sheer number of Medium writers who have been blocked by this person over this issue is the antithesis of free speech.

I have read their follow up stories despite being blocked. They are describing a Medium where indie writers have giant fragile egos and will do anything for a buck. They complain that nobody cares about the truth except for them. And they complain that the people on the receiving end of that truth can’t handle it.

The problem is their are no “recipients” here. How could there be anyone to listen when this person says “I’m blocking you because I think you wrote a story in response to mine.” or, they kick out anyone else who tells them I wasn’t even writing about them?

I have conflicting feelings because I trusted, respected, and admired this person. They burned bridges with me over one story, and didn’t bother to talk about it. They’re now waving around the email they sent me as if it proves I’ve misrepresented the story.

The reality is that it was badly done.

Nothing prevented them from reaching out to me to talk about it and tell me they were hurt and thought I was talking about them.

If people want to change medium, there are better ways to do it than putting rants behind the paywall. It isn’t right to go into facebook groups and tell new writers not to even try.

Blocking people who are too “pro Medium” is a character red flag.