Nothing says empathetic healthcare like a social media door slammed in your face.

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I am still new to the whole ADHD medication thing. Heck, I’m still new to ADHD. I was diagnosed in January, and then in February, I decided to start taking medication. There were some hiccups in the beginning and things I simply didn’t know about drugs like Adderall. But it was okay.

I’ll get used to it, I figured.

For instance, I didn’t realize that 90-day refills aren’t a thing with ADHD drugs. I didn’t know that refills aren’t a thing. …

Sexual abuse and unhealthy sexual fixations among Christians are nothing new.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (left), Anna and Josh Duggar (right)

Over the years, I’ve caught a lot of flack for writing about problems among American Christians. I keep hearing things like how an “intelligent person” would know better and wouldn’t lump all Christians together.

The irony, of course, is that I’m not lumping all Christians together. I know plenty of great people who are still Christian and they aren’t offended by my work. But many other believers really don’t like it when I discuss leaders like Jerry Falwell Jr., Carl Lentz, Perry Stone, Ron Luce, Mark Gungor, or Dave Ramsey. …

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Well, I had an appointment this AM with my doctor to adjust my medication for inattentive ADHD. Cool. She was kind and understood what I was saying about my feelings that the original prescription worked better. She also bumped up my dosage, which honestly, was something I wanted to try.

Great. Today was the last day of my old extended-release prescription, so I planned to pick it up today. No biggie, right?

Oops. I forgot this is (generic) Adderall we’re talking about. A schedule II drug. …

Thoughts from my recent relapse.

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Last week, I put up another awkwardly honest YouTube video. In it, I tried to talk a bit about my recent struggles with balance.


I wound up rambling for about 30 minutes. Again.

Yeah. Balance. People, this is so freaking hard for me.

Last month was crummy. Sure, lots of good stuff happened — my daughter turned seven and I finally got my first Moderna COVID-19 shot with no issues. (I’m scheduled for the second injection later this month.) I also took my car in for its first oil change and checkup. …

News flash, folks: Everybody has them.

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Over the weekend, I got some very nasty feedback in the form of a ranting comment on my last YouTube video. It wasn’t simply off the wall, either. It seemed that the person specifically set out to do harm and went straight for the jugular. In this case, they went after the heart of what I write — honesty about real-life issues — and then, they attacked my parenting.

Good grief.

So, we’re once again talking about a comment on my very basic, very awkward YouTube channel with 55 subscribers. On the one hand, I can’t believe that people actually…

Insert here…

We had some fun with sprinkles!

Well, I had lots of beautiful plans about writing and rounding up special mother’s day posts this weekend…

It didn’t happen.

Instead, a lot of overwhelming and crummy shit happened. Sigh. I was able to salvage the weekend and did a virtual cupcake decorating class with my daughter.

I also made a pretty cool announcement on Ko-fi about how I’m going to be giving my supporters a monthly ebook. For May, it will be a collection of 12 essays on motherhood.

In the meantime? I’m going to try and have a good day with my daughter.

If you happen to…

My childhood was dark. I’m determined to flood hers with light.

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Growing up, I always knew I couldn’t be myself — not my real self — around my mother. Not that I understood that she was emotionally unwell and ( perhaps unintentionally) abusive. I just thought she was very strict and assumed her strictness meant there must be something very wrong with me.

For most of my life, I felt deeply sorry for my mom without fully grasping why she also frightened me. Up until my early thirties, I was plagued by recurring nightmares where she wouldn’t believe me about one inconsequential thing or another. I’d wake up with my stomach…

The recent criticism of Tim Denning highlights a real problem.

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Recently, I became aware of some very loud criticism aimed at Tim Denning and his stance on not reading and replying to the comments. The funny thing is that I frequently disagree with Tim, and sometimes, I disagree with him enough to write a whole story expressing my contrasting viewpoint(s) after reading one of his pieces.

Honestly, I even find it… annoying when someone calls me a female Tim Denning because that’s not at all accurate and that’s certainly not what I’m trying to be. …

I thought it was a very obvious yet common Christian bubble thing.

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Last year, I wrote a story about what I remembered from my very first big heartbreak nearly twenty years ago, and I called it “The Boyfriend Who Cheated on Me with a 14 Year Old Girl.” When I wrote it, I didn’t imbue any sort of social or moral commentary on the events at all.

Instead, I wrote the story as I understood it back then — as a young 19-year-old woman who was still stuck in sort of an evangelical bubble.

What I wanted to express was just how naive I was about love and relationships. How I prioritized…

We’ve got a real problem, but maybe it’s not the one you think.

Will Smith on Instagram in 2021 (left), Jamie Lee Curtis on Instagram in a photo originally from 2002 (right)

This morning, I ran through my Instagram feed — which is usually a pretty positive experience, honestly — when I saw a post from Jamie Lee Curtis. When I first glanced at the images, I was pleased and thought I was going to read a message of self-acceptance.

Instead, I was deeply disappointed to read one of subtle self-loathing and fatphobia wrapped up in a so-called message of self-love. It’s not that she didn’t say some beneficial stuff — it’s that she contradicted her own positive message with a very negative one.

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