Beyond the 5-inch screen

When we met from across the 2 dimensional reality that was the past year, you went for the handshake and I went for the hug.

We settled for both.

When we spent the hour we had looking over books and figuring each other out, the bookstore soon held a favourite memory.

On the ride back, I didn’t feel like we were torn apart. I was genuinely happy and I knew we’d see each other again.

Fast forward another year and 30 days later, we meet again for the second time. This time, we had a day to ourselves.

This time the small details magnified. The way you walked and talked. The way you looked at me. The love was obvious but not like the crazy-first-stages-of-love-kinda-love. It was simply there. Knowing it was real felt like how you’d feel when you know you’re home.

But things end and the night took me home, trudging back in a bus. This time it was hard. Like leaving home.

Like being torn apart.

So will we meet again?