An Age Old Question.

I love this. Nicely said. You reminded me of an article I read that described an old age home that was across the road from a primary school. The old people in the home were living a lifeless existence and waiting to die. The school was struggling with a lack of funding, insufficient teaching staff and unruly children from broken homes. Against this dire backdrop someone came along and offered an idea – why don’t you go across the road and see if the school will let you read to the kids? They started reluctantly but it didn’t take long before this became a regular thing. The old people were happy and enjoying sharing their stories, love and memories. The kids were happy with the attention, the care and warmth. A year later researchers noticed the kids were excelling across all subjects in a way the school couldn’t have imagined. And even more surprisingly the old people from the home were healthier, happier, taking less medication and living more fulfilled lives. A real win/win. There must be opportunities to achieve this kind of win/win on each of our towns and communities.

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