My 2016 New Year’s Resolution

  1. Wake up at 4am every day.
    Waking early gives me a sense of hope and energy which i rarely find waking up bit later i.e 7–10ish. To make this goal a success,i have to sleep i have to be on bed at 10PM and with the help of android app i.e Pulse Alarm.
  2. Drink 3 glasses of water
    As soon as i wake up, i would want to drink at least 3 glasses of water. Cleanes out toxins and other wastes from your body.
  3. Run
    Run atleast 30minutes a day with an exception being on Sunday's.
  4. Yoga
    I love to practise Yoga. Yoga gives me a sense of joy and happiness which no other form of exercises would ever give you. I will practise it 7 days a week.
  5. To do list
    Make to do list consisting of all the things you need to get completed and also register it in my weekly tracking tool (Balaji).
  6. Book a month
    Reading books are pretty rad. I have a number of books which i have bought which i am super excited to read. When I read books i actually feel as if my IQ is getting higher and i love the feeling of ecstasy when i read or discover any new information.
  7. Fasting.
    I always wanted to fast for a day of a week. Not because I would want to shred few extra pound but to realize how lucky i am for some of the things i take granted in life. Oh, Fasting also improves your will power and cleanses out toxin's :)

Happy New year!