I think I’m writing this to find out why I want to write this
Luke Flegg

A poem for Luke (unedited)

Your frequencies move me in a strange funny way

Is that why I feel compelled to act despite the glue in my eyes?

I can sense this odd wave, it’s like I am a waterbed, trapped, contained, powerful

This queer feeling from when I was 11

I remember how much I liked doing things for people

Canapés for the millennium, worry like it’s 1999

Where did all this time go?

I was disconnected

You do things and it’s like I can do things again

You show up and I move like a waterbed

Bloup bloup

Still in appearance, the storm waiting for someone to jump through the surface and shake things up


Shaking the surface, you threw pebbles in my hair and now I walk again

Out of the trapped bed, out of the night

I blink confusedly and I hope you don’t fall for it because

I know what I am doing

Or should I say

I know that I don’t know and that keeps me on track


Hold still

Hold your breath for a second and release it

Keep moving fairy boy

Keep moving

I flew to your face quickly and sat on your shoulder for a while, I’ve enjoyed the view

The glee of moving to your pace, candidly

I won’t be long now

I am not far

I am not far


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