Poetry, in reverse order of publication.

We're all walking on this earth
All of our feet or knees or hands have touched the ground at some point
Or else
Some part of our body did
We live through the body
And die through the body
We make it known
To other
We make it known
As we journey
That our tears and our pain
Are not in vain
I wish I could say this was
Always true 
But how many times will I have to watch
My sisters and brothers be brutally murdered
I want to scream that they are
An extension of my body
That I will not let this happen
And I fail to be tall enough
Loud enough to stop it 
From happening
I look around me and I wonder
Why some of us aren't louder
Why aren't we standing taller
Stopping the abuse
I feel the earth
Crying through my bones
I feel the earth
Shaking us off
We are not meant to

{Some people never get to finish what they were saying}

3 August 2016, 11:47pm