{The circle of life}

I am broken in places you don’t even know exist. Yet. You haven’t traveled that far within yourself. Don’t worry, someone will be there to hold your hand when it happens. And if there isn’t anyone, call me.

I’ve been keeping my heart soft for this moment. A moment with no time for questions or understanding. A moment for holding you as you fall apart, whispering gentle loving words to your ear, as you whimper and wonder what the hell has happened to your wits. They are gone honey. I’m sorry. They might be gone for a walk but they might never return. It’s okay. I love you.

I will break again, in places you don’t know yet you have, simply to sit with you. Do not spend too much time fretting over this, however, there is a real cost that comes with presence. Are you ready? Are you ready to feel and go through? There is no coming back from this. You may break in places you never thought you had. I will hold your hand. And you know, someday, you’ll have to hold someone else’s. It’s okay. I’ll show you how to keep your heart soft for this.

4 August 2016, 11:47pm