It’s almost a year since I started this new job. The new job being doing what there is to do, what’s assigned me to do. It has varied, but thankfully, the writing component of most of the assignments have taken a bulk of it, and that has given me untold joy. Well, a lot of joy — I got carried away there when expressing the extent of my joy.

So how has it been? Exciting, scary, fun, nerve-wracking, incroiyable — a whole new set of challenges. The biggest comfort has been that if there have been any tears along the way — and they have been plenty (bucketfuls in fact!) — they have been because of new frustrations, not old ones. And if there has been any laughter, and there’s been plenty, it’s because of both old and new things, and that makes me glad.

And I’d love to say that with each new challenge, each new opportunity made me wiser, but the truth it, every new day I realised how so very little I know, and how much help I still need.

This is not intended to be a woiye post. It’s more of a pause post, pausing to take a quick look back (something quicker than a glance), at the year that was, the experiences that have been, before jumping back to the present, which is as unpredictable, as scary, as nerve-wracking and perhaps, if life be kind, with traces of hope, as the future.