So now what?

If you’ve been reading my ramblings from the start, you probably saw how they started in tears, but how the tears all but dried by the second post.

The big question now is whether or not I am going to follow through on my threat and actually quit my regular job and leap into the big vast world of possibility.

So this is where I am at now — I don’t know.

I came to work this year ready to Google resignation-letter templates (Do people still draft things from scratch anymore?). I was charged up. My small circle of advisers had talked me long and hard and there was no turning back.

But when I got back to work, and, after ‘happy-new-year’ hugs and trading holiday stories with colleagues, I was like Why is it I want to quit again? I couldn’t remember. I love these people. I love this place!

At that moment I wished I had recorded my conversation with my very wise team of advisers because what they had to say was valid, only that, I honestly can’t remember what it was. Seriously, like, I am blank. So I guess the aim of this post is to say that I hope to convene a new meeting with my team, hoping desperately that they are not fed up with my lukewarm-ness and that they will patiently conduct a similar intervention as the one they did before the new year.

So now what? — is still the big question. Believe me, it’s ringing constantly in my head…and also on my WhatsApp which is what happens when you go public about such a thing. People you care about want to know what you’ve decided, when you will act on it, as they should.

So now, to get away from this quagmire, I suppose I will reflect on the story of the wise man and the cow or was it called Kill the cow which many of you might have already read.

My aim is to identify the cow in my life… the real cow — and slay it!