The One

I am the one

The only ex he’d ever get back with

The only one he’d truly rather be with

I am the one

Still the one he loves, I’m so lucky

Still the one he wants to take to his mummy

The only reason he crossed the Altantic

The only one he drunk texts: screw you black bitch

Sometimes it’s just a ‘happy birthday’ wish

I am the one

The one he called his only family

His sister, best friend all rolled in one me

The one he met moments too late

The one he’d want to have babies with

The one he would be with

If she hadn’t trapped him with those kids

I am the one

The one he’d leave the altar for

If only I gave the word that he was the one

I am the one

The only true love he’s ever known

The one who said he loved me warts and all

Loved my pimples, skin tone, curves and all

The only one he’d ever dreamed of

A gem, a jewel, a precious stone

The one he promised to wait for

I am the one, the lucky one

I’m still the one