This will be my year of…

This will be my year of … I can’t say for certain. But who can? Well, it turns out some people can. They can ‘desire’ things, ‘command’, ‘trust’ and these things actually come to pass. Like, even seemingly impossible things — nature defying, against-all-odds type of things. I would be lying if I said I haven’t been tempted to dabble in some of that declaring . Especially for things I want like so bad.

I wish many times I had that unshakable belief that anything could turn out the way I wanted it to if I just believed. But there it is, I don’t. My hopes and wishes always carry a caveat — they might or might not happen. Oh, the pangs of hope deferred. It could go either way in my head and sometimes I think this is my undoing. That I don’t want it bad enough to not see it not happening. Or that I settle, or that I am in a comfort zone of sorts, I don’t fight hard enough. Maybe I take disappointments to heart and let them crush and define me. Shindwe!

But this year, I can say with some amount of certainty (God granting me life, strength, good hearing and wifi) will be my year of podcasts.

A great many things happened in 2015. Some really high highs and low lows. Towards the end of the year, I was introduced to podcasts by my siblings. Actually force-fed was more like it. My sis literally forced me to download the app and listen to Serial. My bro introduced me to Start Up and I’ve been glued since.

The events of 2015, whatever they were have been overshadowed by this totally amazing , I am not even sure what to call it — resource? Platform? Phenomenon? I am still stunned at the staggering amounts of information, from useful, riveting, jarring to downright bizarre there is in that (podo) sphere. To think they had been here this whole time.

And so as El Nino pounds (it looks like this is the actual year of El nino and last year was just a teaser), I will likely spend a good amount of time transported into the world of audio. I intend to attend to my obligations (like church and relationships) too. So not to worry that this will be an addiction or anything of the sort.

So there it is…2016, my year of podcasts!

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