ShibaStarter — Meme & Micro-Cap Launchpad x NFT Item x NFT Game & Metaverse

Along with the explosion of a series of famous meme coins such as Shiba, Doge, … has quickly pushed the heat of Meme Projects. It can be said that Meme Coin/Meme Token is one of the most popular crypto currencies nowadays.

To continue to keep the heat of the market, it’s time for Meme Coin to rise to new heights, no longer just fun memes, Meme projects need more products to increase the applicability of their tokens.

That is also the reason why we decide to launch ShibaStarter — Meme Token with many outstanding features.
ShibaStarter’s mission is to develop a complete ecosystem that helps and contributes to improving the quality of other Meme & Micro-Cap projects. With these good intentions, we will launch to the community many different features in the ecosystem including:

Shibas Launchpad
A multi-chain decentralized service and fundraising platform that focuses entirely on memecoins and other micro-cap coins.
ShibaStarter’s platform allows addresses in the list to redeem cryptocurrencies on all networks: BNB, ETH, SOL, DOT, MATIC,… to be allocated in the listed projects.

Shibas Gamefi & Metaverse
We are also developing a colorful virtual reality Dog Game, nurture and fight with your pets for exciting rewards!
With the current explosive trend of NFT Game, this will be a factor to help ShibaStarter grow strongly.

Decentralized Service
The pieces that help complete the ShibaStarter ecosystem are decentralized applications and services provided to the entire market. That will be DEX, lock liquidity, Mint Token, … These services will definitely explode in the future.

After thorough research and preparation, ShibaStarter is ready to launch to the community this November. Follow the project now at:
Facebook page
TG Channel
TG Group



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