One of the most commonly asked questions regarding dogs is whether or not they sweat. As humans, we know that when it gets hot, our bodies perspire to release heat and cool us down. We also know that our canine companions cannot just remove their fur coats when the weather warms up. So, do dogs […]

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Many of us who own dogs find that we take the health of our pets even more seriously than our own. The last realization we ever want to come to is that our canine counterpart has a tumor. Unfortunately, dogs get cancer approximately as often as we do, and dogs over ten years of age […]

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We’ve all seen it happen; our faithful companions make themselves comfortable in their favorite nook, doze off to sleep, and a little while later, they look like they’re comically running in place. Sometimes they’ll let out a few little yelps or start twitching. It piques our interest, and we wonder what could be going through […]

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If you have ever thought that Corgis are heavenly…. you’re right! 1. PSA: All corgi’s come from heaven! I REPEAT! CORGIS ARE ANGELS. buttersthefluffycorgi 2. COME ON, you can’t think this fluffy-cloud-butt could come from anywhere else???? watson_the_corgi_ 3. Seriously, we couldn’t just happen upon such fluff. We HAD to be blessed with these babies. […]

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Your dog comes when you call him. He plays fetch. He always seems to know when it’s time for dinner. Did you ever think about how dogs and humans came to be such great friends? No one can really say for sure what went on tens of thousands of years ago. But there are a […]

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Dogs can be much more than man’s best friend. Some dogs can help save people’s lives. Search and rescue dogs are trained to detect human scent in disaster conditions, such as in the rubble created by an earthquake or bombing. The dogs can also detect the smell of humans who might be buried by an […]

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You love your pets and animals in general. You want to share that love and respect with your children. Teaching your kids to respect animals can also help you teach them to care for and respect other humans. Here are a few ways you can help your children be kind and caring to other creatures. […]

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Everyday we feed our pets the best of the best. Some choose a fancy diet of elaborate food and others feed the best dry dog food they can find, but what about the treats? Commercial treats are alright, but if you are looking for something a bit more special for Fido, a homemade treat baked […]

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One usually doesn’t think of an animal as having the same medical conditions as a human, but they can get most of the illness known to man. Allergies are one of the things that dogs and cats can suffer from. While their conditions might not give the exact symptoms, allergies can make them pretty miserable. […]

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Taking care of a puppy is a tremendous responsibility: feeding them, training them, playing with them and taking care of them when they are sick. If your puppy is vomiting, it is important to know why. Puppies can throw up for many different reasons. It may be that they are sick, but it might also […]

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