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The Rotondo update arrives exactly at the 1 year anniversary of the BitBox02, which was launched last September after an extensive beta testing program that provided valuable feedback.

The BitBox02 has proven to be an attractive choice for beginners as well as advanced users. We continue to build on top of its strong foundation.


This update is named after the Rotondohütte in the Swiss Gotthard massif. The hut is located at 2570 meters a.s.l, next to the Wittenwasseren glacier and its ice-cold lakes. A sight to behold.

Download our latest update from to get all new features and improvements.

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New feature: Custom transaction fees

The next bull run will come someday, and with it, some crazy Bitcoin fee spikes. …

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Calanda, cheers! ⛰️ 🍻 🏡

Calanda is not only a mountain, but also a beer and of course an awesome Alpine citadel. With the previous release we started giving each of our updates the name of a mountain hut of the Swiss Alpine Club we personally like. This time we picked the Calanda SAC hut, located in the canton of Graubünden at 2073 meters a.s.l and a great base camp for hiking and mountain biking. Don’t expect too much privacy, though, there are curious ibex everywhere. Go watch the video on their website, it’s cheesy and awesome!

Transaction notes

Bitcoin addresses are pretty cryptic, and if you send and receive in cryptocurrencies regularly, you need to keep track of which transaction you received from whom. And when was it that you topped up your mobile phone with Bitcoin? …

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After extensive testing, we released the BitBoxApp for Android. It provides all features of the desktop application, as it is built from the same codebase. If you want, you never need to touch a desktop computer with your BitBox02 hardware wallet again. Get it on Google Play!

BitBoxApp: the companion for your BitBox02 hardware wallet

Every hardware wallet needs a companion app. The BitBoxApp was launched back in 2018, as the companion for our BitBox02 hardware wallet. …


Shift Crypto

Swiss made BitBox02 hardware wallet & BitBoxApp. Manage your crypto assets with ease.

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