Culture- week 5

Watching the video on the Korean company was honestly really humorous. I feel like it is a good representation of companies all over the world. To me, culture at your work place is all dependent on the type of management that’s in place. Some different regions may have one type more that’s in the norm.

Culture is different wherever we go. What is it like at UH? Let’s focus on the administration, at least from my perspective. The culture of UH is strictly about money. I don’t feel like the administration cares about the student’s first.

The media finds things to say about UH because of this. For example, the way they try to hide things such as sexual assaults, and death on campus. Why didn’t anyone get an email about the alleged assault that was in the news for so long? I am about to write about this in the Ka Leo, which might put UH in a negative light- but I’m just letting their acti0ns speak for themselves.

I heavily researched a death on campus that was never acknowledged last September. I teamed up with a group of faculty who was trying to change things. I first handedly experienced neglect about the issue from administration. There were examples of how death can properly be announced to the community, such as at Rutgers University.

UH falls under this category:

Scheins model-When something goes wrong, it can be a result of an organization straying from a culture of responsibility to a culture of something else (profits, efficiency, etc.)

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