Marla Clayman PhD MPH; Shikha Jain MD FACP; Vineet Arora MD MAPP

When the President supports and amplifies a doctor who believes in alien DNA, and shortly thereafter changes his statements on wearing masks, it’s easy to understand why some people do not believe in masking. During this global pandemic, the mixed messaging that has come from national leadership about masking has contributed to an overall confusion and distrust that is necessary to address when attempting to tailor messaging and implement changes utilizing evidence-based information. However, those who oppose masks are not all the same. Opponents to universal masking fall…

Practicing Medicine in the Era of Fake News

When I started on my path in medicine, I was an optimistic, wide-eyed, enthusiastic medical student. I had fond memories of rounding on Sundays with my vascular surgeon father as a child, and I remembered the appreciation his patients would express when we would run into them at our local grocery store. My dad never complained about taking call or not having enough time to spend with his patients. The complaints I would hear around the house were all regarding him advocating for his patients. …

There was an article published in Forbes titled “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Doctors.” It was a well-written piece that outlined the multitude of reasons that many physicians have become disillusioned with a field they once felt a passionate draw to. The reasons listed in the article were accurate and included the loss of autonomy, mental exhaustion, and asymmetrical rewards.

Many physicians feel there is an overall lack of appreciation for the sacrifices we make. With Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores influencing patient care in many hospitals where patient satisfaction is paramount, many physicians feel an…

By Shikha Jain, MD

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I have a patient. Let’s call her, Jessica. I love Jessica. She is one of my favorite patients. When I see her on my schedule, I always smile. She is a straight-talking, blunt, loud, and opinionated woman with a big heart. Jessica has metastatic lung cancer. When she came to me two years ago, she was told she had months to live.

That day, we had a very real and honest conversation that lasted over an hour. We talked about her prognosis, best and worst case scenarios, a variety of treatment options and their side effects…

Shikha Jain, MD, FACP

Triple board-certified hematology/oncology physician in Chicago Illinois. Director of Communication Strategies and Digital Innovations. TedX Speaker

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