It’s all about Surviving

Sorry, there is no such word as “escape” in motherhood dictionary. Once a mother, you will always be a mom, and no matter how young or old is your kid, motherhood instincts and habits will never leave you. Are you searching for on how to survive this phase? I am glad to be of help! I donned the “Motherhood Hat” four years back. Life did give me numerous situations where I was sure that I will drown, but somehow, I survived! There were panic moments where I lost my breath, gave up hope, did not see calm shores, but the raft (which I have prepared for many struggles) kept me afloat.

Pregnancy does not even give you a glimpse of what is going to happen next. The turmoil is happening inside your tummy, and you cannot even imagine how your world will take a 720 degree turn when the baby is right in front of you!

Surviving motherhood is by no means a lean, and mean task. You need to be ready to put efforts into it. Let me share one of my recent situation where I was tested to the extremes and how I survived it! (Such conditions are regular in my life, and if a day goes out smoothly, I dread for the upcoming waiting storm)

We planned a weekend getaway to the beach. This was the first time for my younger one. My daughter is a water baby, and she was super excited. It was a lovely holiday, and my son enjoyed the water on the second day. I was relieved that beaches will be fun for the family now. We were about to start our journey back to home, and I discovered that I got my periods one week before the due date.

“Congratulations and all the best for the six-hour journey by road,” this is what I told myself.

For the initial hours, my son was with my hubby but later both the kids wanted to sit in my lap. They were hungry and wanted their bottles. And mind you they wanted to enjoy the feed while sleeping in my lap. I silently encouraged myself and said yes, I can do it without losing my temper. I was holding the younger one in my arms for almost an hour while the elder one was relaxing in the lap. They both refused to go to my friend.

I could feel it all, the first day, the tiredness and backache from a long stint in the water, heavy, droopy eyes, swollen feet and how I must be in a good humor so that I can keep the babies in good humor. Finally, after almost an hour, the younger one slept, and I could relieve my arms. I am not a superwoman, and yes, I was irritated, wanted to sleep, desired a mug of coffee and was almost on the verge of shouting at my daughter.

How could I survive this leaking moment? Regular deep breaths and promise to myself that I will not raise my voice and hand with my kids and tried to remind myself every minute that they are just three and one-year-old. I am thirty-seven and should have a better sense to handle a simple situation.

In the parental world, you do not win or lose a battle, you just survive them with flying colors!

Always breath.

Remember getting angry will not take you anywhere and you can never get the kids do what you want.

When you are in an anger mode, be friends with mothers around you. Sharing your children stories with them really lighten up the heart (you will feel better and lucky that at least you are not the only one!)

When planning an excursion go with families who have kids (that way your kids will demand less of your attention and will not get tired of you!)

When you return from work today, hug and kiss your children. It will provide you strength to survive the tough motherhood days !!

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