Top Universities In UK, Which Are International Student Friendly.

Study In UK- An Insight Into Top Colleges and Universities For The International Student

When it comes to international studies, UK is a popular destination for students across the world. It hosts some of the top colleges and universities in the world. The academic structure is of high quality and the faculties are some of the best across the globe. When you have decided to go to the UK for higher studies, you are making a wise and prudent decision. The nation is very welcoming when it comes to the international student. There are students from across the world and you will be exposed to diverse cultures and a cosmopolitan environment.

Study Abroad In UK

Given below are some of the top colleges in the UK along with famous Universities that have a large population of international students and are a popular choice for overseas education. Let us look at them briefly-
Cambridge- Cambridge University is one of the oldest academic institutions in the UK. It was founded in 1209 and has the global recognition for its outstanding educational standards and academic curriculum. The undergraduate programs of this University cover the subject area widely. Students can opt for a diverse range of subjects in their later years.
University of Oxford-University of Oxford is the oldest university in English speaking nations. It dates back to 1096 and developed immensely during the 12th century. It has been for nine centuries a controversial university for science, arts and religion. In the early 20th and 21th centuries, Oxford University added a new stream of research to its line of academic subjects- medicine.
London School Of Economics- The London School of Economics was founded by Sidney, Fabians and Beatrice Webb, George Bernard Shaw and Graham Wallas in 1895. This Institution was created to focus on the advanced studies of social science. The major subjects of interest here are social psychology, sociology, international relations, anthropology and criminology. Over the years, The London School of Economics has produced 35 global leaders and heads of state, and 16 winners of the Nobel Prize in literature, peace and economics.
Imperial College, London-The Imperial College London was established in the year 1907. In 2007, this College became an independent college from the University of London and celebrated 100 years of academic excellence. This College is significantly known for its breakthroughs into the discovery of penicillin, foundation of fiber optics and development of holography.
Durham-Durham University is known for its old age traditions and modern values. There are 16 colleges under Durham and its oldest was founded in 1832. The most recent college, Jospehine Butler College was established in 2006. In 1987, the Durham Cathedral and Castle became a World Heritage Site of which the University is a joint guardian.

The above colleges and Universities in UK are widely sought after by students across the world. However, for admission procedures and funds, it is important for you to consult academic counselors in your native land to get an idea of overseas education in the UK and its prospects for the potential student.

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